A Life with Yamaha

Playing in a Swimming Pool with Beaming Smiles

Warabesatoyama Nursery School (Tokyo)

Located about 40 km west of the center of Tokyo, and surrounded by rich nature,   Warabesatoyama Nursery School is committed to dietary education and promotes active communications with local residents, welfare facilities, universities, etc., nearby. Their goal is to be a nursery school full of fun and excitement, where children are willing to go every day.

Nursery School with Lots of Smiling Faces

Now in our fifth year of operation, Warabesatoyama Nursery School has a total of 121 children, including those for temporary care, ranging from zero to five years old. We are full of discoveries, surprises, joy, and smiling faces. The children have fun and feel excited every day. The surrounding area still has the rich natural environment and we see raccoon dogs and hares, and even snakes sometimes. There are also large-scale new residential districts in adjacent areas, expanded because of good access to the center of Tokyo, as well as to rich nature. The parents in many households of the towns work on a full-time basis, and they often leave their children in our care over many hours from 7:15 in the morning to 20:15 at night on weekdays.

There are universities nearby, and student volunteers sometimes visit us to play with children or help us organize our events. We also have communications with elementary schools and welfare facilities nearby, and some local residents offer their open fields for our children. We are supported by the spirit that children should be fostered carefully by the local community.

Children Love Playing in the Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is loved by the children. When the pool is open, much fewer children are absent from the school. During the period from the opening of the pool in late June to the end of August, children play in the pool almost every day, when the sum of the air temperature and the water temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius. Children have fewer opportunities to play outside during summer because a photochemical smog warning is sometimes issued in our area and we worry that children may suffer heatstroke. Instead, they enjoy playing in the swimming pool to the full extent.
We tell children that "you may like playing in the water, but some of your friends may not like water. But few children fear water this year. They may feel less fearful when seeing other children enjoying the water. While the modular swimming pool is used for children from three to five years old, we sometimes give an opportunity to use it to two-year-old kids, who usually play in a smaller swimming pool because they like a bigger pool.
By the way, an event to see children playing in the swimming pool is very popular among parents. They seem happy to see their children have more fun and show big smiles. Many fathers also take a day off from work to join the event.

Children Can Thoroughly Enjoy Playing in the Water with Security

It is good that Modular Swimming Pool Kirakira is large enough for children to play boldly. In addition, it can be taken down for storage during the off season. We can use the storage more effectively. The pool has no sharp parts and is made of materials with smooth surface, and there is no concern about peeling of the paint. It is safe for children with softer hands and feet. We can remove stains of the pool very much easily. Children look happy when they are cleaning the pool. As mold and moss are growing quickly in our environment, permanently installed pool would require hard works on us. We can enjoy the summer to the full extent again, thanks to “Modular Swimming Pool Kirakira”.


Modular Swimming Pool Kirakira
This prefabricated swimming pool for small children made of FRP has high strength and is easy to clean and maintain. With the modular structure, it is easy to assemble, put away and store and the storage space can be saved. Curved surface finishing and a pattern that prevents slipping are applied, and the drain outlet is installed on the floor surface, in consideration of safety and user-friendliness.
This product received the Good Design Award in 2006 as well as the 10th Kids Design Award in 2016.

Voice from the Distributor
High Quality and Brand Power

Mr. Akihiro Arima, Division Manager, Silver Welfare Section, Tokyo Block, First Business Unit, CHILDSHA Co., Ltd.

Yamaha's swimming pools are easy to assemble and the color does not fade. There is almost no water leakage thanks to the system to insert packings into the joint parts of the modules after assembly. The packings also have a long service life to reduce the maintenance cost. In addition, the brand of Yamaha, which manufactures products including ships and motorbikes, gives us a greater sense of security.

Voice from Yamaha Staff
I Want to Deliver the Appeal of the Product That Brings Smiles

Mr. Go Irie, Tokyo Sales Office, Sales Division, Pool Business Development Section, Vehicle & Solution Business Operations

It is the first time for me to see a customer using the product, although I have often heard that products for small children are very much accepted. I was really glad to see the energetic faces of the children engaging in play. We can touch and feel the smiles of wide-ranging users from children to seniors. That is the pleasure of our swimming pool business.