A Life with Yamaha

As If You Were in a Living Roon on the Sea

Dr. Takanori Sugiuchi and Dr. Tomonori Sugiuchi (Tokyo)

Dr. Takanori Sugiuchi is a pediatrician in private practice, and his son Dr. Tomonori Sugiuchi became a dentist this spring. Since the launching ceremony of “SR320FB” in November 2016, they have fully enjoyed their common hobbies of fishing and cruising every holiday.

First Boat

“I lost my mother at the very beginning in 2016. We had taken care of her for several years. I was about to sink into depression, however, I decided to get a boat license since I had always loved fishing and enjoyed fishing for filefish on a fishing boat. My son also encouraged me.”

“My father is good at cooking, as well as fishing. He has taught me how to bait a hook, how to lure fish, how to clean fish, since I was a child. However, when it comes to steering, I have longer experience than him. I was in the yacht club in the university. I used to steer a boat to accompany yachts sailed by my juniors and give them instructions. After we owned the boat, we have taught our specialty each other, expanding our ways to enjoy the sea.”

Dozing with Sound of Waves as BGM

“We took test rides on several boats including second-hand ones and examined materials from various companies. Yamaha Boat Yokohama is situated next to Yokohama Bay Side Marina and provides a quick response for maintenance requests and a sense of security. That was the key reason we chose Yamaha.”

“He wanted to sign the contract immediately after one test ride, so I thought he was really pleased with “SR320FB.””

“It is equipped with necessary and sufficient facilities such as a wide flybridge, bow berth (bed space) on which two adults can lie, powder room, and galley, while it is small enough to be steered by one person. This matches my expectations perfectly. With a larger boat, we need someone to help us, but thanks to its small size, we can go out with this boat whenever we like.”

“We had the launching ceremony in November. After that, we came here almost every holiday to practice steering without caring about the cold weather in midwinter (laughter).”

“As marine leisure activities require us to get along with nature, we sometimes cannot cruise due to heavy weather with strong winds, rough waves, and so on. Even if the boat is moored, we enjoy ourselves just by drinking coffee or eating lunch in the boat, or polishing the boat (laughter). We feel great to doze off while hearing the sound of waves.”

Long Cruise to Oshima

“Unlike a car, a boat cannot be started by just pressing a switch. It takes time. It is quite easy to steer this boat as “Helm Master” is adopted, even though we need practice to handle it better. We also enjoy such a process. If I could make a request, I would like to have an easy guidebook for beginners that summarizes key points in the thick manual.”

“We are recently cruising near Hayama Port for fishing. We want to try cruising further to Oshima (an island, 120km south to Tokyo). This boat can travel at such a high speed that we can enjoy one-day round trip. Overnight cruise also seems attractive.”


“SR320FB” released in March 2016 is a sport cruiser with a beautiful European style form, high comfortability, and excellent travelling performance combined. This is the first model in Japan that adopted the unique steering control system “Helm Master.” In joystick mode, it is possible to move horizontally or rotate by 360 degrees by one joystick, facilitating steering when the boat leaves/reaches the shore or in a narrow space in a marina, etc.

A word from Yamaha Staff
Helping to Expand the Range of Leisure Activities

Masaaki Ito, Yokohama, Eastern Japan Sales Office, 2nd Marketing Division, Marine Business Section

In addition to test ride opportunities for customers to purchase a boat with satisfaction, we also proactively provide information after purchase to help them fully enjoy marine leisure. We take rides on the customers’ boats and introduce spots where they can enjoy marine leisure activities, places where they can moor their boats and have meals, places where they can refuel and so on. We hope that we can keep a long good relationship with the customers as their supporter to expand their range of leisure activities.