A Life with Yamaha

Motorcycles give me a happy time

Risa Shimogawara (Saitama Prefecture)

Under the influence of family members who love motorcycles, Risa Shimogawara has been in close contact with motorcycles and watching races since she was a child. She was selected as the representative of Saitama Prefecture of Miss Universe Japan 2015 and became a finalist. Currently, she is performing brilliantly as an entertainer and a model in various fields such as TV programs and magazines.

Excited at first tandem ride

I rode a motorcycle for the first time when I was a third grader or so. I sat behind my father and simply felt “comfortable and had a good time.” I loved the light clash (laughter) heard when the gear was set to the first gear and exciting feelings I had when the motorcycle ran through a curve. Whenever my father went out, I used to say to him “I’ll go with you. Give me a ride.”

Since all the members of my family loved motorcycles, I had come to watch races on TV and go to circuits to watch MotoGP and other races. When I was 19 years old, I was selected as Twin Ring Motegi Angel. I got a chance to engage in a job to deliver the fascination of races in the circuit and came closer to motorcycles and races. This was a trigger for me to acquire a motorcycle driver’s license.

No.1 motorcycle to ride easily

First, I rode a 400 cc motorcycle. After acquiring a large motorcycle driver’s license, I tried to run in a circuit with a 600 cc super-sport motorcycle. On the other hand, I began to want to ride a motorcycle that was easy to ride and manageable apart from a large motorcycle that required spirit to ride. At that time I had an increasing interest in off-road motorcycles as I began to watch motocross and trial races, and it was “SEROW” that they recommended to me at my favorite motorcycle shop.

You can ride SEROW without much strain and make a U-turn easily even on narrow roads in Tokyo. I feel that it is a comfortable motorcycle that serves as my means of transportation and can imagine that I will continuously ride it even after marriage and childbirth. My female colleague of the program also tried to ride it and was surprised, saying “In a good sense, it is as manageable as a bicycle.” It also has a wide range of color variations. As a longtime seller, it has the advantage that you can select a model to your liking from a series of old and new models. If I can make one request, I would like to ask for a change in the headlight. It is circular in the current model, however, I would be happy if it will be square in the next model as in my beloved motorcycle.

Increasing our sensitivity

I feel grateful for my opportunities for trial rides on various motorcycles in my work with TV programs and magazines. When you ride a motorcycle you can pay attention to details of surroundings and find roads and shops that you didn’t notice before, don’t you? You can encounter smells, temperatures, changes of scenery, and people that you cannot notice in a car… I think you can notice little details and feel happy just because you ride a motorcycle. I hope I can continuously go to many places in Japan and abroad by various motorcycles in the future to encounter many people and events.


In 1985, the first “SEROW225” that presented a new category of off-road motorcycles as “Mountain Trail” was released. It has become a longtime seller with its light-weight slim body of perfect size with low seat height that allows your legs to touch the ground properly, an underbody with excellent run-through performance and high manageability. The model introduced this time is “SEROW225WE” with improved runnability and higher capacity of fuel tank. It was released in the second half of the 90’s.

A Word from Yamaha Staff
The fascination throughout ages

Ryuta Ida, Marketing Department, MC Sales Division, Marketing Section
Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co., Ltd. (YMSJ)

The sales of “SEROW” has been continuously increasing in recent years. It is not only manageable and easy to ride but also has the capacity to allow large motorcycle lovers to enjoy riding. “SEROW” has its unique easiness that allows you to easily make a casual stopover. I feel that its charm that allows you to widen the range of your lifestyle, which is something other than performance, matches the modern value, and this is the reason for continuous support by customers.