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Nishida Co., Ltd. (Yamagata Prefecture)

Nishida Co., Ltd. in Shinjo, Yamagata, deals in a wide range of items including agrochemicals, fertilizers, and agricultural materials, and also buys rice directly from farmers. They started using unmanned helicopters to spray agrochemicals early on and have built trust with local farmers. Pictured left to right are President Kazunari Nishida, Managing Director Yasuhito Nishida, operator Naoki Ogasawara, and sales manager Tomoya Masano.

Yamagata, Japan's Leading Rice Producer

The area around Shinjo city in northeast Yamagata prefecture is famous for heavy snow. Rich in snowmelt, rice fields spread as far as the eye can see in this famous rice producing area.

We deal in agrochemicals, fertilizers, and agricultural supplies, playing a supportive role for our area's farmers. One way we do this is through contract spraying (pesticide spraying) using the RMAX. In 2014 we started using the Fazer, and now we will begin using the Fazer R in the coming season.

The aging agricultural community has been a growing concern, but with unmanned helicopters we can reduce the workload and increase the scale of operation. Also, we would like to contribute even a little to giving younger generations hopes and dreams through unmanned helicopters and new technologies.

Contract Spraying Operations

Requests for contract spraying operations increase every year, and in the 2016 season we covered 1600 ha (*1). Spraying is predominantly carried out in the growing season, and at its peak goes on nonstop from dawn to dusk. The new model features increased chemical tank capacity (*2), allowing for fewer fill-ups and therefore increased efficiency. The Fazer also sports an auto-cruise mode, making handling easier on the operator. The body is lighter, and easy to load on a truck. It can be loaded and unloaded easily and moved to multiple locations to spray repeatedly in a singled day, which is extremely helpful.

We also buy rice from farmers, and we've realized that our helicopter spraying service is helping them increase the quality of rice as well. Our new Fazer R will start herbicide spraying in May. With a more powerful engine and a larger chemical tank, we expect it to be even more useful.

(*1) 1 ha = 100 m x 100 m = 10,000 m2 (*2) The Fazer R's chemical tank is 32 ?, which can cover a 4 ha area in one flight (in case of a 1/8 dilution).

More Uses

At present, unmanned helicopters are primarily used for pesticide spraying, but we'd like to expand the scale and operation periods to include seeding, fertilization/topdressing, and de-icing. The further evolution of unmanned helicopters is exciting.


The new model takes advantage of the change in the unmanned helicopter weight restrictions, which have increased from 100 kg to 150 kg. Compared to the previous model, Fazer, it has a more powerful engine and a larger cassette-type hopper allowing for higher productivity and easier operation.
Additionally, the new tail rotor was developed in cooperation with JAXA (*), combining higher load capacity with less energy loss.
(*) JAXA=Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

A Word from Yamaha Staff
More Efficient, More Uses

Mr. Munetoshi Hayashi, UMS Business Development, Marketing Group

It is essential to spray rice in midsummer. We have contributed to a reduction in the workload of the aging farming community by developing unmanned helicopter crop spraying. Developed for greater efficiency, the Fazer R has increased load capacity, can cover a larger area in one flight, and is being developed for use in other areas such as topdressing.

A Word from the Distributor
Recommended With Confidence

Mr. Satoshi Masuda
Tohoku Skytech Co., Ltd., Yamagata Sales Office, Sales Services Vice-Director

Unmanned helicopters have to face a variety of external conditions (such as wind and geographical features) but the steady and powerful Fazer Series stands apart. I recommend it to our customers with confidence. Our operators' training is designed to contribute to the development of the future of agriculture.