A Life with Yamaha

Colorful carts make the resort more attractive

Kanucha Bay Resort Co., Ltd. (Okinawa, Japan)

Kanucha Resort has a vast site of about 800,000 tsubo (approx. 2.6 km2), and various facilities are scattered throughout the site, including hotel buildings, cottages, beach, swimming pools, golf courses, restaurants and relaxation facilities. Many guests visit the resort throughout the year. (November, 25)

Moving freely around the vast site

Kanucha Resort is located in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa. The peaceful area is full of nature, and also has the original landscape of Okinawa.

Kanucha Resort has a vast site of about 800,000 tsubo (approx. 2.6 km2), in which eight hotel buildings and various other facilities are scattered. With golf courses, swimming pools and facilities for cultural experiences, we are making every effort to offer an extraordinary and relaxing time and great satisfaction to guests from diverse generations.

In such a vast site, it is tiring to travel between the scattered facilities on foot. This issue is solved with carts. More than 80% of the hotel guests rent a cart during their stay and use it for moving around in the site. Travelling on a slow-moving cart, guests can enjoy feeling the wind and sunshine and taking in the scenery. This sense of openness is a good reason for the popularity of carts.

Both the mobility and the colorful choices are very well-received

YAMAHA's carts have a wide range of color options, which allow child guests to select a cart of their favorite color from among the wide range, and permits guests who are re-visiting the resort to ask for a cart of a different color than that selected last time.

As well as our guests, our staff also use the carts every day for management and inspection of the facilities, transportation of luggage and travel between remote parts of the site. Carts are popular because they are smaller and easier to drive and park, and can turn in a small radius in comparison with regular automobiles. They also make loading and unloading of luggage easier. Another advantage of YAMAHA's carts is that they generate little noise when traveling, even if powered by gasoline, and therefore they do not annoy guests out for a walk.

The carts are also durable, which is a benefit from the perspective of management, and the coloration is beautiful. If I had to request any change, I would be happier to have carts equipped to keep the driver and other passengers dry on rainy days.


YAMAHA Golf Car / Land Car Series
We released our first golf cars in 1975, and they were developed based on the land cars (which mean carts) sold for short-distance travel in leisure facilities. The golf cars/carts have evolved continuously since then, and they are now used in various fields inside and outside Japan, including golf courses, hotels and shopping malls.(*1) The golf car in the photo is the latest gasoline-powered five-seat model “G31APs.“
  • Approximately 250 carts are actively used.
  • We heard from Mr. Masahito Sankyo, front desk manager from hotel business section.

A Word from Yamaha Staff
I want to offer new value to customers

Mr. Tetsuro Koze
Golf Car Business Development Section, First Marketing Div. Sales Planning Department YAMAHA MOTOR POWERED PRODUCTS CO., LTD. (YMPC)

YAMAHA's golf cars are used more widely now, not only on golf courses but also in various other places and for a variety of purposes. We plan to promote them in cooperation with dealers, positioning them as a new motorized vehicle providing new value to customers.

A Word from the Distributor
We are working to make our resort an ever-happier place.

Mr. Takaji Mine
President and Representative Director, Green Support Co., Ltd.

Kanucha Resort has used YAMAHA's carts for 20 years, since its opening. The carts are helping guests from all over Japan, as well as Southeast Asia, to create happy, smiling memories. We want our carts to continue to be part of the happy experience of guests' time in Okinawa.