A Life with Yamaha

Key factors supporting the line operation are responsiveness and reliability

HORIBA STEC (Aso Factory, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan)

Conveniently located 5 km east of Kumamoto Airport, the factory produces many high-quality products including mass flow controllers, which control gas and liquid for semiconductor production equipment, and other products in the medical field. (October 25, 2016)

Serving as the mother factory of the Group

With analyzers and fluid control devices as its main products, the HORIBA Group fosters its business in a variety of fields, including automotive research and development, semiconductor manufacturing, Process and Environmental monitoring, and also science and medicine. We have bases established in 26 countries around the world. One of the Group companies is HORIBA STEC, which operates factories in Kyoto and Kumamoto (Aso), Japan. Exhaust gas measurement devices produced by HORIBA, another Group company, have been used by Yamaha for many years.

Confidence in customer services

We selected Yamaha products in the 1980s from among the machines produced by many manufacturers in the mounter business, because we found the YM4600S (*2) really cool, as well as the personalities of the sales staff and the standard of service they offered. Since then, we have had business relationships with Yamaha for about 30 years. In a factory, it is a major challenge to keep the lines operating. Yamaha support staff responsible for our machines have sometimes arrived with replacement parts so quickly that they were able to prevent the line stopping.

In the Aso Factory, all of the three lines producing main boards, which are our core products, are equipped with Yamaha mounters.

Post-quake recovery and factory expansion

The Aso Factory was severely damaged by the Kumamoto Earthquakes in April. We had to start restoration work in the dark, with only flashlights, because of the blackout. Although the restoration of the buildings is taking time, we managed to restart the production lines only one week after the earthquakes, thanks to support from FUKUTOMISANGYO and Yamaha. In particular, the Z:LEX line we introduced in February of this year has a high production capacity, and this has been helping us make up for the shortfall while our production line was out of action.

Demand for semiconductors will grow with the accelerated diffusion of IoT and automated operation, which will also increase demand for our machines as used in semiconductor production processes. In July, we announced our plan to expand the Aso Factory to increase production capacity. The new building, due to be completed next summer, will be equipped with a large clean room. The introduction of robots will enable cleaner production with minimum use of manual labor. We are expecting first-class proposals from Yamaha, which also has a wide range of robots on offer.

(*1) Component mounting speed (CPH) for a surface mounter with the 2-beam, 2-head layout under optimal conditions, based on YMC survey in 2016
(*2) YM4600S is the first surface mounter in the Yamaha brand


Surface Mounter Z:LEX YSM20
With the world's fastest mounting speed in its class (*1), this mounter can handle a wide range of components at high speeds without the need for head replacement. It responds to the recent trend for miniaturization and diversification of electronic components mounted on circuit boards.
  • We heard from Mr. Hiroaki Kotake, Mr. Hiroyuki Koyama, Aso Factory Manager, and Mr. Masafumi Seguchi (from left). The photo was taken in front of the Medical Building of the factory.
  • Messages of encouragement received from other Group companies after the Kumamoto Earthquakes in April

A Word from Yamaha Staff
I am at my happiest when I hear words of thanks from customers

Mr. Shinichi Oikawa
Kyushu Sales Office, 1st SMT Sales & Marketing Division, IM Business Unit, Vehicle & Solution Business Operations

I spend my days building communication with customers and distributors, and I work to propose and accomplish "what only Yamaha can achieve", so as to provide benefits and a kando for customers.

A Word from the Distributor
Working to support production sites with quick action.

Mr. Suehiro Oguri
Managing Director, FUKUTOMISANGYO.

An attractive feature of Yamaha products is the wide-ranging lineup that can also achieve small-lot production of diverse products. Taking advantage of our speed and mobility, we will continue to strive to serve as a bridge between Yamaha and customers in western Japan.