A Life with Yamaha

Our Goal Is To Keep Delivering Excitement and Joy to Customers

Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotel (JAPAN)

Hotel located in Onna-son, a select resort area on the west coast of Okinawa. All guest rooms have an ocean view. "Kafuu" is an Okinawan word for "happiness, good news" (September 25, 2016)

Rooftop Pool with an Ocean View

At the top of our Annex Building newly opened in April, you will find an "Infinity" pool. The Infinity pool is known for its design which creates a spectacular optical illusion of water seamlessly extending to the ocean and the sky. They are often found overseas in world-class luxury hotels.

Visit the rooftop pool at dusk, and you will find guests mesmerized by the changing colors of the ocean and sky as the sun sets into the East China Sea.

Many of our guests have posted photos and comments about our pool on SNS, and it's drawing more attention than we ever imagined. One SNS user commented "It's just like the swimming pool at Marina Bay Sands (the 5-star hotel in Singapore)."

Exceeding Expectations of Guests

Our hotel is located in Onna-son, where numerous resort hotels stand. We are always trying to find ways to make our hotel stand out by giving high-quality service and a sense of excitement to guests - even the most sophisticated guests who frequent luxurious hotels. The plan to open an Infinity pool on the roof top, which is still rare in Okinawa, was in line with this effort.

Installing a swimming pool on the rooftop is very challenging because absolutely no water leak can be permitted. The plan required high engineering capabilities to assure safety and durability; but it also required flexibility to make our facility truly unique. We conducted extensive research to find a suitable vendor and we came to the decision to work with Yamaha. The deciding factor was Yamaha's track record in FRP pool installations and the reliability of their products.

Building a Pool No One Has Ever Seen Before

The sound and shimmering surface of water has a natural soothing effect on people. The pool decorated with lights at night can create a very different atmosphere from the day, providing an enjoyable place to sit, relax, and sip on favorite drinks. A swimming pool can provide a relaxing view all year around regardless of the season.

I would like to keep surprising our guests with unique swimming pools. One possibility could be a transparent swimming pool directly above a guest room. I have great expectations for Yamaha, its engineering abilities, and interesting ideas.


FRP Pool
Based on the FRP technologies gained through the development and production of boats, Yamaha released the first 100%-FRP swimming pool in Japan in 1974. Since then, Yamaha has provided swimming pools of various sizes and types, such as kiddy pools, school swimming pools, competition pools, and leisure pools. Yamaha now holds the highest market share for FRP swimming pools in Japan.
  • Interviewee: Mr. Tatsuya Arai, General Manager
  • View of the pool extending to the ocean and the sky

A Word from Yamaha Staff
Delivering enjoyment of swimming pools to many people

Mr. Nobuyuki Yajima, Kyushu Sales Office
Pool Business Development Section, Vehicle & Solution Business Operations

It is such a great pleasure to see our swimming pools become instrumental in providing people with wonderful memories of their trip. We will continue bringing excitement and joy to people through our products.

A Word from the Distributor
Demands from private facilities are increasing

Mr. Osamu Ohshiro
Sales Division, Architecture Atelier Okijimu

The quality of swimming pools impacts safety. Yamaha has a track record in delivering safe swimming pools to schools and other clients. This is why I introduce Yamaha swimming pools to my customers with full confidence.