A Life with Yamaha

Our Expanding World, Thanks to JW

Ms. Eri Umetsu, Ms. Yuki Hioki, and Ms. Misato Takekawa, taking part in a JW user event

Yamaha JW Girls Meeting 2016, which brought together female JW users to enjoy communication with other women, offered a glimpse into lifestyles in which the JW plays a part.

Full steam ahead with JW!
Ms. Yuki Hioki (JWX-1)

When I'm working as a model or a speaker, people often tell me that I helped them have a positive outlook or face their disease, which is tremendously rewarding. I switched to a JW because I wanted to be more active.
I lack strength in my fingers but can operate the chair with ease, and moving from place to place isn't tiring. I had given up shopping because I couldn't handle heavy loads, but now I buy, buy buy! (Laughs.) I also go to the beauty salon and get my nails done once a month and try to look pretty. I hope to hold on to this feeling of wanting to keep moving ever ahead.

I want to widen my perspective and make my dreams come true!
Ms. Misato Takekawa (JWX-2)

They say that being in love makes women more attractive, and excitement and thrills certainly are important, but to find stimulating encounters you have to get out of the house. In this connection, I can propel my JW in my own way, like a manual wheelchair. It's quite maneuverable even in crowded and cramped areas, and the power-assist feature makes slopes easy to climb. I'm out of the house not only on school days, of course, but on most days off as well. I have even been able to go to Disneyland, a long-held wish of mine, and next I'd like to take up the challenge of traveling. I want to go to many different places and widen my perspective, and I'm even looking for work in hopes of finding a job that lets me use my creativity -- something I've long dreamed of!

Looking forward to getting out and about in a stylish JW
Ms. Eri Umetsu (JW Swing)

I tended to stay in every day when I first moved to Tokyo, but thanks to the JW, that has changed completely. Along with it being so compact that I can fold it up and ride in cars, I also like its sporty design, including the white frame, which is unusual for a wheelchair. For me a wheelchair is a part of my body, as well as also being a fashion item, you see. Now I can go anywhere in my neighborhood by myself, and can also enjoy lunch with friends. I'm looking forward to going to new places on my own, and to taking advantage of living here to explore Tokyo more.


“The JW Series”
The JW series features lightweight electric wheelchairs that combine the light weight and mobility of a manual wheelchair with the power and traveling performance of an electric wheelchair, and electric power-assist units for wheelchairs that serve as electric motors for manual chairs, offering a selection of two methods of control: joystick and motor-assist. (Pictured: JW Swing)

Message from YMC's Representative:
I want to remain committed to going the extra mile and doing more than is expected.

Daiki Umebayashi, JW Sales Group, JW Wheelchairs Division, Smart Power Vehicle Business Unit, Vehicle & Solution Business Operations

I would like for people to lead active lives the way they want through use of JW products, as these customers do. The disabilities and physical conditions of customers are extremely varied and wide-ranging, and sometimes a carefully tailored response is needed. While remaining committed to going the extra mile and doing more than is expected, we want to try and give customers even greater value than they ask for.