A Life with Yamaha

Having a Blast on Short Trips on My Beloved XSR

Mr. Flavio Paradiso (Italy)

We talked to Mr. Paradiso about how he fell in love at first sight with the XSR700 and where he rides to on his weekends. (July 25, 2016)

The Design and Finish Brought Love at First Sight

Before, I had a big touring bike on which I made a lot of long two-up trips together with my wife. We went to the Alps, seaside towns and lots of other countries throughout Europe.

Unfortunately, year after year, we gradually had less and less time to make such long journeys. So I started to look for an alternative way to enjoy motorcycling, like going out for a short trip on the weekend, discovering beautiful scenery that I hadn't noticed before, or exploring nearby towns.

So, around autumn last year I was looking to buy a new bike, and when I saw the XSR700, it was love at first sight. The design and the quality of the finish, especially the beauty of the special anodized touches on the aluminum fuel tank covers, really caught my eye.

Rediscovering the Beauty of Milan

I went for a test ride on the XSR700 soon after I first saw it. I still remember clearly the emotions that I felt after that test ride. The design and finish were beautiful, but it was also a really fun motorcycle to ride.

I'm very satisfied with my Yamaha experience. Of course, the quality and reliability are good, but the level of customer service and the attention to the needs of customers is wonderful. I feel at ease because I'm truly taken care of by Yamaha, almost like we are a family.

On the weekends recently, I'm using my XSR700 more to discover and explore places near Milan where I live, like the shores of Como Lake or touring popular food spots. There is an area famous for its wineries called Franciacorta, so I might head there to buy some good wine. My XSR will keep me happy for a long time!


This model is a new Yamaha entry in the neo-retro category, which combines tasteful retro-like exterior styling with the latest technologies for modern performance. One of its defining features is its extensive use of CMFG* to bring out the material beauty of the various metallic parts. The XSR700 is manufactured by MBK Industrie in France and was introduced to the European market in November 2015.
*Color, Material, Finish, Graphics

Message from the Product Manager:
Passion, Design, and Valuing Culture: Winning the Hearts of Italians

Fabrizio Corsi, Motorcycle Product Manager, YAMAHA MOTOR EUROPE N.V., FILIALE ITALIA (YMIT)

Italy is a country where passion, design and the culture of beauty are very important. Italians are very sensitive to the details in a product, such as the combination of materials, quality finishing and the use of colors. You could say that's the kind of people we are.
The XSR700 is a new model that blends the classicism of round shapes and the elegance of real materials used in a modern way. It is a unique, timeless sculpture, which when combined with its cutting-edge technology, creates a purely entertaining riding experience for the customer. The XSR700's great success so far in Italy is sustained by these features, and it attracts a wide range of people who love to ride, but also appreciate heritage icons.