A Life with Yamaha

YXZ gearshift in hand, every ride brings challenge and excitement

Mr. Brandon Kilgore (U.S.)

Although he isn't the type to go for the latest product, when Brandon saw what the YXZ1000R offered, he just had to have it. Most of their time together is spent off road. (June 24, 2016)

Motor sports a part of life

Brandon started racing quads when he was six. Other kids were into games and toys, but his passion was motor sports. Through high school, he raced motocross bikes, but quit MX racing after an injury. He still hankered after the joy of racing and wanted "four wheels and a cage." His first partner was a VW Baja Bug, but it kept breaking down. Losing to a Polaris 900 was the last straw. He bought a RZR800. After a while, he found "the press the gas and go" feeling was kind of boring. Then, a teaser ad for the YXZ1000R caught his eye.

One look at the manual shift and he was sold

“What really sold me was the gears and shifting.” He wanted the thrill of complete control again: “Coming into corners, downshifting, controlling the RPMs. It’s just more the motocross feeling than anything else.“ The YXZ seemed to be just what he wanted. And the actual ride continues to amaze: “Great power all over. Being able to shift and hold it in its rev limits helps the power feeling.” In a poker run, he left behind all the vehicles in the same class and “ran up front with off-road trucks and buggies. The stock suspension is amazing.”

The fascination of the Arizona desert

Brandon spends about 80% of his time with the YXZ1000R out enjoying runs through desert in Arizona and over the border in California. Each ride brings new discoveries and challenges. He knows he can do more with the YXZ1000R. He would like to see Yamaha get involved in desert racing, but better still, sometime soon, he is looking to start racing himself.

Since he just bought a YXZ1000R, he hopes that the model stays the same for a while. In the future, he sees turbo as a logical added feature, and a four-seater version. He doesn't want to see a move from manual to CVT, what shouldn't change is "my shifting."


Launched in September last year, fourth in the lineup of ROVs,* which are in strong demand in North America. It's a two-seater pure sports model and, equipped with the sector's first five-speed manual transmission and specially developed suspension, a powerful performer on all kinds of off-road terrain.
*ROV: Recreational Off-highway Vehicle

Message from YMUS's Representative:
Yamaha brand presence strengthened by Yamaha's ability to deliver products that are better than the customer could ever imagine

Mike Martinez, Vice President, YMUS RV Group

YXZ1000R is one of the most exciting models that Yamaha has ever sent out into the world. Its quality and performance have helped to enhance the reputation of Yamaha in the motorsports sector.
Going forward, we will continue to provide products that are better than the customer could ever imagine.