A Life with Yamaha

I want to cultivate more marine fans by supporting Sea-Style!

Mr. Morio Asami (JAPAN)

Mr. Asami, himself an enthusiast of marine fun, talks about what makes his work fulfilling and relates his thoughts on Sea-Style. (May 25, 2016)

A focus on operating marine clubs.

My father passed away suddenly when I was 27, and I took over the family business of building boats. Marine clubs are something I started 36 years ago as a new focus for business management. I was involved with Yamaha through outboard motors, and they tried to dissuade me, saying that no business had ever had success with marine clubs. I thought that if that's what Yamaha said, then I would just have to make a success of it and prove them wrong! (Laughs.)

We started with three craft, which now we would consider unbelievably old, but after three years of steady hard work we achieved stable membership. Once things were in motion, I decided to make marine clubs my main line of business.

Excitement through marine fun!

One difference between a marine club and a marina is that "marine fun" is a product. To put it in extreme terms, a marina just needs people to put their boats there. But for us, we don't make any money unless the boats get used, and we need our customers to continue. So for cruising, we show customers to vantage points and advise them with tips for having fun in new ways, and serve as escorts for helping all customers to enjoy marine fun. The ability to provide this accommodation is where we show our strength as professionals. Excitement that goes beyond simple enjoyment is the true worth of marine fun, and our job is to offer that to our customers.

Clearing high thresholds

Marinas are regarded as having a high threshold, but Sea-Style has cleared this magnificently. Members can readily make use of affiliated marinas throughout Japan. This truly is an accomplishment of the Yamaha brand. What's more, members' family and friends are also able to experience marine leisure activities for themselves, which can lead to solid expansion. It is said that demand is created, and along with Sea-Style from Yamaha, the top marine brand, I hope to continue cultivating new marine enthusiasts.


With emphasis on “choosable sports,” “choosable fun,” and “choosable boats,” Yamaha Marine Club Sea-Style is in place at around 140 marinas throughout Japan. Launched in 2006, Sea-Style now has some 18,000 members enjoying marine life to the fullest.

Message from YMC’s Representative:
I want for our employees to enjoy Sea-Style, too!

Shigeki Minami, Marine Soft Group, 2nd Marketing Division, Marketing Section, Marine Business Operations

Japan is surrounded by the sea on all sides, and I believe that marine leisure activities will some day become as entrenched as they are in Europe and North America, and the business operations that my seniors and others have engaged in to popularize marine products and making solid progress thanks to the efforts of Sea-Style. I want for our employees to have lots of fun with Sea-Style and spread the enjoyment and thrills!