A Life with Yamaha

Tremendously positive on-line acclaim! Trying it out led to a daily reminder of the reasons why!

Mr. Fahzar Widyatmoko (Indonesia)

Mr. Widyatmoko describes the appeal of the NMAX, whose glowing on-line reviews clinched his decision to purchase. (April 25, 2016)

The feeling I seek – to the MAX!

Maybe because my job mainly entails working at a desk as an IT programmer, I love staying active through hiking and travel and the like on my days off. For getting around day to day, a bike is entirely more my style than a car, and in the past I have ridden several. Because compared to cars, they are more efficient in terms of both travel times and running costs.

I learned about the sales launch of the NMAX on the Internet. It caught my eye from the first instant I saw it, and the from then on, whenever I had a break from work, I'd look for product reviews and check them out! Every time I did that my longing grew stronger and I figured I just had to buy it (laugh).

Putting aside a competing model

Actually, a few months before I bought the NMAX, I had purchased a model from a different manufacturer. However, with ABS as standard equipment, use of variable valve actuation technology, and in terms of functionality and cost performance, the NMAX was clearly on a higher level. I couldn't resist its appeal.

When I actually rode it I understood why so many people had given it such high praise. Even the riding position is such a good fit it seems custom-made, and acceleration as well was beyond my expectations. I intended at first to switch off with riding the bike of other make because it seemed like a shame not to, but somehow it's ended up being just the NMAX. The other-make bike is sitting in storage.

Keep captivating me!

My work keeps me busy, and unfortunately I haven't been able to go on any long drives or take part in gatherings for NMAX aficionados or other such events. I definitely want to make the time to do so. I'm quite satisfied with Yamaha, the manufacturer of the NMAX. I hope the company adopts more outstanding features not found on other makes, and keeps making products that captivate me.


Developed to continue in the tradition of the MAX series by fusing a sporty ride and styling with practicality in line with "Global Prestige City Commuter" as its concept, the NMAX is a global model sold in upward of ten countries around the world, with sales in Indonesia begun in February 2015.

Message from the Distributor Representative:
The NMAX – a bike offering new values in the Indonesian market

Mohammad Masykur, PR and Marketing Manager, (YIMM)

In Indonesia, the NMAX is an exceptionally outstanding scooter, and sales have climbed steadily. The powerful travel obtained by giving it a Blue Core engine and the leading-edge exterior styling imparting a strong upscale feel have earned high acclaim for cost performance not seen in competing products in the same price range.

We struggled hard to create new communication methods in publicity and advertising to convey new values to our customers. I would like to keep on expanding efforts to communicate the value of the NMAX.