A Life with Yamaha

The R25, which I chose as my first motorcycle, opened the door to a new kind of "every day."

Mr. Ryota Shibuya (JAPAN)

Mr. Shibuya, who says someday he wants to ride the winding roads of Hakone with his friends, talks about the appeal of a motorcycle used for day-to-day transportation.
(March 25, 2016)

Going to a nearby convenience store on the R25

I was influenced by my father, who rode motorcycles too. Ever since I was a child, I had been thinking, "Someday…." Then, a friend invited me to join him at an overnight training camp to get a license. Up until that time, I had only ever driven a car with an automatic transmission, so at the riding school, I really struggled with the "half clutch." I stalled the engine more times than I can count. But all that hardship was forgotten the moment that my bike was delivered. It really is cool, isn't it? It's so easy to ride that the 400cc bike I struggled with at the riding school seems like a bad dream. When I twist the accelerator, the acceleration feels really good. Dashing off to the nearby convenience store on my R25 has become a daily habit for me (laughs).

The moment when the scent of the wind changes

My first experience of touring was with my father, going from our home in Kawasaki to Achi Village in Nagano Prefecture (about 300km away).

My father was riding a 125cc, so we stayed off of the freeways, and rode non-stop for seven hours!! My clutch hand and my behind were awfully sore, but when we finally arrived, that sense of achievement was something special.

It's been just under a year since my R25 arrived, and the more I ride it, the more I enjoy it. For example, when I'm riding through the wind, there are moments when the scent changes, and sometimes the feeling of the air on my skin changes as well. You know, you can't feel that when you're driving a car. It sounds a little poetic, but it's almost as if it wakes up senses that had been asleep for your whole life. I'm just a beginner, but the way I see it, that's what makes motorcycles so appealing.

I want riding to become like second nature to me.

I've only gone on about two long trips, including my experience of touring with my father, but someday, I want to take on the challenge of the winding roads of Hakone, or a tour all around Hokkaido. It must feel great to understand the true pleasure of handling a motorcycle. To get myself ready, I want to learn how to do simple maintenance myself. I look forward to creating a new kind of "every day" along with my R25.


Based on the concept of a "superbike that you can ride every day," this model embodies a high level of running performance and style. It achieves a casual drivability and ease of handling for everyday use, and a refreshing ride in a variety of scenarios.

Message from the Sales Representative:
I want users to easily enjoy the fun of a sports model.

Takeshi Inagaki, Kanto Sales Office, Yamaha Motor Sales Japan Co., Ltd. (YMSJ)

This is the second year since the R25 was released. Many people, just like Mr. Shibuya, buy it because they like the design. A large ratio of the users who buy this model are young people, and the 2016 model is already on back order. In April, as something new to enjoy, we will hold a racing circuit running event in Chiba. We hope that this will contribute to the long life of this model, and to converting buyers into long-term R25 users.