A Life with Yamaha

“Phazer M-TX”
We want you to fully enjoy Niseko, a resort that has caught the attention of the world, using a snowmobile!

Mr. Keizo Seki (JAPAN)

I asked Snowmobile Park White Isle Niseko president Keizo Seki, who has been involved with YAMAHA since his yacht competing student days, about the appeal and future of snowmobiles.
(February 25, 2016)

Don't miss this opportunity ? snow in Niseko is hot!

Hong Kong, Australia, Jamaica, Russia, Europe… With the majority of the 10,000 annual visitors to the park coming from overseas, every day we sense that Niseko is becoming an international resort.

And that is why now is our big chance to make snowmobiling into a winter activity! The Phazer M-TZ is the powerful item we have chosen to introduce.

The M ?TX responds to higher needs.

As expected, repeat customers seeking a dynamic ride gave positive feedback: "the power when going up the mountain was amazing," "the brakes responded well when going downhill so I felt safe," "the form is stylish."

The 500-meter difference in elevation on our long course ? one of the most prominent in Japan ? of which we are extremely proud, offers the perfect environment for enjoying the M-TX's specifications. I am sure that this will be popular as an optimal model that can respond to higher needs.

I want to continue to grow with YAMAHA, my friend for the past 40 years.

While snowmobiles are often thought to be popular among young people, just like marine jet boats, they are in fact actually designed to enable older people who cannot ski to have fun. At present, given that more than half of our customers are first-timers, I keenly feel the importance of building up a snowmobile fan base. To be honest I would like YAMAHA to enhance their range of popular models and increase the options available in line with the needs of our customers.

I competed in the YAMAHA 15 yacht race as a student. I liken YAMAHA to a best friend who I feel at ease with, having spent our youth together. I'm deeply in love with YAMAHA's monozukuri, ha ha. And it is because of this that I want to grow with YAMAHA while placing tough demands on YAMAHA.


“Phazer M-TX”
Specially designed ultra-lightweight, slim high-rigidity hybrid frame equipped with high output and high torque 4-stroke series straight 2 cylinder engine. Using the 499cc exhaust capacity power to the fullest, enjoy the exhilarating sensation of driving through fresh snow and using your body to actively control the lightweight compact body.

Message from the employee responsible:
I want as many people as possible to know about the world of snowmobiles

Koji Ito, Hokkaido Sales Office, Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan (YMSJ)

Looking the positive response from the market, we have high hopes for the YPJ-R.

Snowmobiles are a key product for us in winter. In preparation for increasing the number of people that ride snowmobiles, we are working on training instructors who will be able to provide training and give adequate instructions to customers so that snowmobiles are driven safely and with proper manners. By this, I mean giving consideration to the natural environment. This will ensure that as many people as possible can test-drive snowmobiles and enjoy a safe and pleasurable experience.