A Life with Yamaha

A cycle leisure that opened new frontiers for me

Mr. Daisuke Takai (JAPAN)

Mr. Takai spoke about the appeal of the YPJ-R as he had been looking forward to its launch ever since seeing a concept model in a magazine.
(January 25, 2016)

This one definitely hits the mark!

Working up a sweat as I ride my cross bike 30km from my house in Musashi Koyama to my parents' home in Machida was always something that I looked forward to doing on my day off. However, the hilly sections were beginning to take their toll. This was when I saw the concept model of the YPJ-R.

Cycling had always been just an accessible leisure activity for me, and the thought of an easy ride on an electrically power assisted model, rather than a full-on road bike with its associated stress on the body, had considerable appeal. In saying that, I wasn't particularly interested in one of those unfailingly practical granny bikes. Lightweight and stylish, the YPJ-R was exactly the sort of bicycle that I had been looking for.

Clocking up 243km in a month, I was completely satisfied with this exhilarating ride!

It is easy to lose your balance pushing down on the pedal when starting off on a road bike, but thanks to the electrical power assistance, the YPJ-R feels like it is rotating the pedal for you.

You can rely on its full assistance when climbing a hill but when the assist function switches off once your speed is over 24km/h, the transition is so smooth you barely notice it. As you gain speed, the thrill of the ride is just as though you are on a road bike. It is the ultimate cycling experience.

With the YPJ-R, I want to live life to the fullest!

The arrival of the YPJ-R has opened a whole new range of cycling activities to me. Cycling with a few clubs on my back to go and do some golf practice used to be quite tough, but now it's a breeze. I'm always keen to get out for a long ride when the weather is good, so I have treated myself to a spare battery.

From now on I won't hesitate to go check out anywhere that seems interesting. I want to fully enjoy the comfortable ride that the YPJ-R gives me.

* Mr. Takai had an optional kick stand fitted at the bike shop.


Fitted with the compact PW Series drive unit and the lightest frame to date in our range of electrically power assisted bicycles, this model offers a new level of riding performance. Fusing the advantages of a sports bike with power assist functionality, this is the first installment of a new type of sports bike brand, the "YPJ", which was released on December 10, 2015.

From the Sales Representative

Katsuhiro Yamanaka, Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co., Ltd.

Looking the positive response from the market, we have high hopes for the YPJ-R.

After less than a month since its release, we already had some models on back order. We know for sure that the YPJ-R has opened up a new genre within the world of cycling. We look forward to telling many more customers about how they can create a new lifestyle with the YPJ-R, just as Mr. Takai has.