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YMRS Yamaha Motor R&D Shanghai Co., Ltd.

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Taking on the Challenge of Developing Advanced Product Models through Youth and Solidarity

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YMRS consists of a main company in Shanghai and a branch company in Chongqing

Yamaha Motor R&D Shanghai Co., Ltd. is made up of two companies, YMRS-S and YMRS-C. YMRS-S is twelve years old and located in Shanghai, China's top class modern city which is in the eastern part of the country. It is a lively city which also is also home to many tourist attractions, including People's Square, Lujiazui, and the recently opened Shanghai Disney Resort. YMRS-C was just opened in 2015 as a branch of YMRS in the city of Chongqing. Chongqing is located 1,600 kilometers from Shanghai in central China in an area called Shancheng which features a rugged terrain. The city is unique with its scent of spicy food which fills the air and is noticeable right when you come outside of the airport. Started in 2004 with 30 employees, YMRS-S now has more than 60 employees. The average age of the company's Chinese employees is under 30. There is a sense a unity among the employees without any emotional barriers between departments. I think the best things about the company are its high efficiency and speediness.

Interdepartmental cooperative system and speedy development capabilities

When I, Yan Deng, entered the company in 2007, the RS01, a 50 cc scooter which was the first model developed by the company, was already in the midterm phase of development. When one of my seniors was testing a prototype of this model in Europe, a bottom out issue and other design errors were detected. These problems were caused because the suspension was not set up to properly accommodate European physiques. Although I worried about the company, other PJ members actively came up with ideas. I started to think that being positive is a strength and it is easily to work without departmental barriers in an atmosphere where staff immediately rush to handle problems through face-to-face communication when they arise. Now able to approach issues in this way, I am now involved with the design of new model exteriors and performance parts for export models. We also have strong relationships with local manufacturers and visit their factory floors to solve issues together. Thanks to this, YMRS is able to develop products at fast speeds and is highly valued. Having acquiring urban sensibilities, the company is growing so that it can develop more and more brand new and advanced models using our youth and energy. Also, although YMRS-C is still only two years old, with its staff of 15 it has started to develop models which feature minor changes. Look forward to new stories from YMRS-C!