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Circumstances in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of approximately 13,466 islands. Java is Indonesia's largest island, and it also has the country's largest population. The capital city, Jakarta, plays host to many recreation facilities and sightseeing spots, and it is a modern metropolis in which many people wish to live and work and that boasts the greatest population density in the entire island of Java. Jakarta is known as one of the world's most congested cities, and because most of the citizens commute by motorcycle, the major roads overflow with bikes throughout the day. Supported by their slim and compact designs, people chose motorcycles over passenger cars and public transport, especially during the rush hour.

YMRID Launched Operations in 2015

YMRID began operations in the grounds of Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), a Yamaha motorcycle manufacturer and sales subsidiary located in Jakarta, in April 01, 2015. The building is old, but it exudes a warm atmosphere and is environmentally friendly, and the staff members of all departments have been effectively assigned to produce excellent communications and to improve relationships based on a sense of collaboration. Indonesia's motorcycle industry is the largest of all ASEAN nations, and faced with burgeoning demand, YIMM expanded its branch network and manufacturing capacity. It has now grown into Yamaha's largest manufacturing plant. Acting in its role as a pioneer in the field of motorcycle research and development in Indonesia, YMRID is aiming at becoming a company that "develops products designed by Indonesians in Indonesia in order to cater to the requirements of Indonesian society and the needs of the whole world, with the emphasis placed on ASEAN markets." In order to achieve this target, YMRID's management team not only works hard to improve facilities on a constant basis, but also to improve the skills and knowledge of all staff members.

YMRID National Staff

YMRID is manned by Japanese staff sent over from Japan and national staff, with most of the national staff being young and eager to improve their knowledge and experience with the support and assistance of their superiors and Japanese advisors. These devoted and passionate staff members work as creative Indonesian engineers entrusted with the development of products that will cater to the needs of Indonesian and ASEAN customers.

Four Keys to R&D

There are four major functions that act as the keys to R&D in YMRID. These functions are research, the development of new models, cost reforms and support for YMC and YMAC projects. All of these four functions involve crucial levels of responsibility, and they all mutually contribute both directly and indirectly to manufacturing.

1) Research

Studying and understanding the market, and setting benchmarks. This involves implementing customer surveys and then using the results of these to analyze the level of customer satisfaction with regard to Yamaha products. It is also necessary to have a full grasp of what customers expect in future models. These surveys are therefore carried out regularly and continually in order to catch up with trends in the ever-changing market. Benchmarks that survey models released by Yamaha and its rivals are also important. Benchmarks not only provide an analysis of the good points and bad points of each model, they also stimulate ideas for improving models that will be developed in the future. These activities provide food for thought and help establish policies for marketing strategies capable of going head-to-head with rival models that are already on sale or a due to be released in the future.

2) Development of New Models

Surveys and benchmarks provide important reference material for developing new models aimed particularly at the Indonesian market. YMRID creates new models that require exterior modifications, coloring and graphic updates based on platform models. One year after the company's establishment, it has already released the new AEROX and Mio Z models onto the market. These will then be customized based on the requirements of the market in Indonesia and developed by YMRID's engineers.

3) Cost Reforms

Information on the motorcycle market and on the YIMM manufacturing plant is extremely important for YMRID activities. A new function (cost reforms) was established to gather as much of this information as possible as simply as possible. The fundamental role of cost reforms is to provide stable levels of product quality without increasing costs. In addition to optimizing the value of motorcycles, the target of these cost reforms is also to reduce project costs. YMRID collaborates with YIMM to accumulate new ideas for optimizing the models produced, and then expand these ideas laterally into the development of new models.

4) Support for YMC and YMAC Projects

YMRID provides support for YMC and YMAC development projects. A well-balanced tie-up has been established between YIMM and YMC and YMAC liaisons, and this contributes to making the required preparing for prototypes and mass-production, as well as surveys on the public's reaction after products are released on the market. This powerful structure of collaboration is helping YIMM optimize its production capacity and quality levels in order to provide the products that the Indonesian market requires.

Characteristic YMRID Activities

- Safe Operations

Safe driving classes at
Yamaha's Karawang test course

YMRID places the emphasis on developing within its workforce the habits of working safely and observing safety in everyday lifestyles. One of these habits is the extremely important need for workers to avoid accidents and traffic violations while riding their bikes, regardless of whether they are working or not, considering their role in manufacturing motorcycles, which are a form of transportation. Safe driving is one of the activities that the Test Department initiated in order to raise an awareness of safety within the staff, and this is an important factor in improving riding comfort during the development of new models. These activities are carried out by the Test Department once every month, and they are also implemented for other departments on a yearly basis. The department currently employs one driving instructor and one assistant driving instructor to teach applicable methods of riding motorcycles safely and driving techniques.

- Communication Training

Communication training session

Communication is one of the most important elements. Good communication skills lead to the smooth execution of work. All staff members are provided with training to improve their communication skills. The objective of this training is to help workers establish effective communications with other workers when the pressures of work build up. They are also taught how to establish lines of communications with their superiors and advisors in order to solve problems. The training was provided over the course of two days in March 2016.

- Family Gatherings

YMRID family gathering; Moving, playing and learning together

YMRID provides the opportunity for all staff and their families to gather together every year. The 2015 family gathering was held at Taman Wisata Mekarsari (Mekarsari Fruit Orchards) located in Bogor, western Java, and everybody enjoyed the golden melons, star fruit, oranges and other produce available. A tug-of-war game called Tarik Tambang and other fun games were also played. This game is a game of strength in which two teams pull on a rope. In another game, participants competed against each other to see who could walk the fastest wearing bakiak. Bakiak ("wooden shoes" are traditional wooden sandals with rubber straps - the wooden part being long enough for two or more people to wear them together - and each bakiak is usually fitted with enough straps for three people.

- Morning Activities

All staff members gather in front on the office ten minutes before work every Monday to take part in morning exercises. These morning exercises help promote good health and enhance everybody's mood during working hours.

- YMRID Futsal

Futsal is a popular sport among the male staff, and games are held at least once every month. This plays an important role in helping staff work off stress and in establishing good relationships.

The one-minute speech on this day was on Yamaha raincoats

- One-Minute Speeches

Morning meetings are held prior to the start of work every morning. This enables all staff to share important information. These meetings include a one-minute speech segment during which all staff members take turns to speak for one minute. They can speak on any theme they wish, and the themes that are chosen are usually related to work, safety, motivation, culture, the things they do on their days off and other such topics. In addition to improving presentation skills, these one-minute speeches also help to enhance a knowledge of work, a sense of excitement and motivation.

- YMRID's Breaking of the Fast (Buka Puasa)

Seventy-seven percent of YMRID staff are Muslims. The month of Ramadan is a very special month for Muslims all over the world. Muslims are required for fast for one month during Ramadan, and they are prohibited from eating and drinking from sunrise at 04:30 in the morning until sunset at 18:00 (in the Jakarta area). In addition to fasting, it is also necessary to refrain from displaying hatred, anger, luxury and other emotions during this time period, and harming other people is forbidden. The objective of Ramadan is to become a good person in the eyes of God. In order to enhance a sense of solidarity between all staff members, YMRID holds an event to celebrate the breaking of the fast every year. During this, all staff members are served an evening meal at the end of each day's fasting period.

Mudik Lebaran safety pledge and
a Mudik card

- Mudik Lebaran Idul Fitri National Holiday

Lebaran is a national holiday for celebrating the end of the one-month Ramadan period, and people return to their hometowns during Mudik Lebaran Idul Fitri. This is a traditional custom that is observed every year, and the YMRID Safety Committee prepares Mudik cards for this period. Mudik cards contain the biometric data, emergency contact numbers (telephone numbers of superiors and families) and addresses of all YMRID employees. On the final day before this long holiday period, all staff members write safety pledges in order to enhance their awareness of safety at all times until they return to Jakarta after spending the holiday in their hometowns.

Independence Tower; a Symbol of the Fight for Independence


The most characteristic tourist spot in Jakarta is the Independence Tower known as Monas. Located in Merdeka Field, Central Jakarta, the tower stands 132m (433 feet) tall. It was built under the direction of Indonesia's first president, President Soekarno, in 1961, and it was opened to the public in 1975. The part of this memorial tower that attracts the most attention is the symbol of a flame covered in gold leaf located at the top. At the bottom of the tower is a museum exhibiting the history of Indonesia up until it became an independent nation. In other words, Monas is the symbol of the battle for independence fought by Indonesians.

Indonesian Cuisine

Nasi Kuning

Nasi Kuning is a yellow rice usually served together with fried chicken, boiled eggs, kering tempe, perkedel and sambal goreng ati. Most people eat this rice for breakfast or lunch. It is very delicious and definitely worth trying.