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YMRI Yamaha Motor Research&Development India Pvt.Ltd

Tanaya Debnath (photo, left)
YMRI Surajpur Center:
Electrical - Design Division
Muthu Selvi
YMRI Chennai Center:
Body Design- Testing Division
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Two Branches Coming Together to Accept All Challenges
Development of Low-Cost, High-Quality Models

  • YMRI-SJP Group photo
  • YMRI-CHE Group photo
  • Diwali Celebration
  • Saluto (left) and Fascino (right)

Two YMRI - One Passion

YMRI was established in Surajpur, Northern India, in 2013 as the second Integrated Development Center after YMAC (Thailand), and it represents the Group's fifth overseas R&D branch. YMRI Chennai began operations in southern India in March 2016. This is the latest large facility to develop low-cost models based on the INDRA (Innovative and New Development based on Responsible Analysis) concept.

Centers of Northern and Southern India Delhi and Chennai

India is a nation that integrates a wide range of traditions, cultures and religions. It boasts a diversified national identity. The Surajpur Center is located in the suburbs of Delhi, the capital of India and one of the world's largest metropolises. Delhi is the center of northern India's trade and service industries and plays host to the IT industry, the hand-weaving industry, the fashion industry, the automobile industry and other bustling industries. A large number of tourists visit the city every year during Republic Day and Independence Day, as well as during India International Trade Fairs, Auto Expo and other fairs and conventions. Chennai, on the other hand, is the capital of Tamil Nadu State located at the southernmost tip of India. It faces the Coromandel Coast on the Bay of Bengal. It is the hub of southern India's culture, economy and education, and it is a thriving area for automobiles, software, petrochemicals, finance, fabrics and manufacturing, etc. The two main harbors in Chennai are the Chennai Port and Ennore Port, and Chennai Port handles the export of automobiles, motorcycles and cargo for industrial purposes.

Acclaim from Inside and Outside of the Company Grows Stronger

Two of the company's products were awarded India design mark, the Good Design Award, in 2016.
Saluto: An economical motorcycles targeting families in India.
Fascino: A state-of-the-art fashionable scooter targeting ladies.
The YZF-R15-S was also honored with the YMRI President's Award in 2015 for its superior design and development.

YMRI's Characteristic Activities

  • Our slogan "We are One" helps strengthen our teamwork, and enhances our awareness of unity and comradeship.
  • Our KYT/SRT Rider Training Sessions are aimed at improving the level of awareness of safety in riders. (Design and Test Team)
  • The Dismantling and Benchmark Activities are activities optimized to make current designs cater to market needs.

* We are improving our testing technology to match the same level of YMC at our testing facilities.

Bottom Column: Introduction of Development Motorcycle

YMRI has accepted the challenge of developing models with the use of only our own facilities while minimizing the support we receive from YMC. The YZF-R15-S is a model designed by YMRI based on the YZF-R15. We have utilized a uni-body seat to enhance rider convenience and an optimal under-cowling to control air flow. We have maximized the use of common components based on a concept of "Maximum profits from minimum investment."