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YMAC Yamaha Motor Asian Center Co., Ltd.

Sukanith Prakobphol
Design Engineer Division
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Vital Points for ASEAN Business to Increase
Company Presence in the Region

  • YMAC staff
  • Developed by YMAC, M-Slaz is a big hit in the Thai market. A customized version of the M-Slaz is located in YMAC's office lobby. Please come and have a look at it.
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport, a Southeast Asian hub airport

Developing small-sized motorbikes for ASEAN member countries

Yamaha Motor Asian Center Co., Ltd. (YMAC) was established in April 2001, and Thai employees currently account for around 85% of its staff. The company is involved in development of small-sized motorbikes, Asia region production planning, cost reduction activities, parts complementation for Yamaha group production locations around the world, export of completed motorbikes to three countries, etc., promoting business in the ASEAN region. The small-sized motorbikes developed by the company are for ASEAN member countries with its primary markets being Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The models the company develops are Fino, Jupiter, and M-Slaz, which is now popular in Thailand. Scooters and underbones account for more than half of the products the company develops.

Thailand ? A favorable location serving as the hub of the Asia region

YMAC's home country of Thailand is centrally located in Asia and has witnessed an emergence of many foreign businesses and factories within its borders. The Thai economy is still continuing to grow. Suvarnabhumi Airport was opened in 2006 as a response to the growing number of airline passengers visiting Thailand from overseas, and serves as a hub airport for Southeast Asia. YMAC is conveniently located 20 minutes by car from Suvarnabhumi Airport. It is often mistaken that Suvarnabhumi Airport and YMAC are located in Bangkok when they are actually located in Samut Prakan Province which is on the outskirts of Bangkok. Located 1 1/2 hours by car from YMAC is the Yamaha Thai Test Course, the only standard test course in the ASEAN region. The test course is used to aid in manufacturing features for products, including the M-Slaz developed by YMAC, and performing reliability evaluations.

Thai New Year Event

Thailand is a country rich in culture and tradition. The Songkran festival is a nine-day holiday held in April. It marks the Thai New Year and is also referred to as the "water festival" since people splash water on each other during the period. YMAC holds a Songkran event before the actual vacation period in which employees go ahead and splash each other with water.