• Test Riding on "242X E-Series"

  • Sport Boat & WV Booth

  • Outboards Exhibition Booth Entrance

  • Quad Outboards

  • Ocean Side View of Outboards Exhibition Booth

  • Floating Booth Area

  • Test Riding

  • Test Riding

  • Beach Side View of Exhibition Booth

  • Signboard and the Miami Sunlight

  • Indoor Venue

  • Floating Booth Area

  • Outboards and a Boat

  • Yamaha Pro Fishing Boat

  • Triple Outboards

  • White Outboard

  • Test Riding

  • WAVE RUNNER in Exhibition Booth

  • Outboards in Exhibition Booth


  • Test Riding

  • Flag of Miami Boat Show

  • A Scene at the Indoor Exhibition Booth

  • YMUS’s Watercraft Group Receiving NMMA CSI Awards

  • YMUS’s Watercraft Group Receiving Neptune Awards

IN THE US! 2018 Miami International Boat Show

February 15-19, 2018

YMUS Marine and Watercraft Groups Shine
at Annual Miami Boat Show!

Bob Starr, Yamaha Motor U.S.A. (YMUS)

The annual Miami International Boat Show® once again lived up to its reputation of “The Superbowl of Boat Shows” with literally thousands of boats, outboard motors, personal watercraft, and marine accessories on display and for demonstration for about 100,000 consumers, while enjoying the Florida sunshine and all that the boating life has to offer!
This year’s event, the third at a new and consumer-friendly location, also featured many industry-related activities. YMUS’s Watercraft group received 3 Neptune awards from the Marine Marketers of America for excellence in marketing, as well as prestigious NMMA CSI awards recognized industry leading customer satisfaction across both the WaveRunner and Sport Boat product lines.
The Marine Group was also able to demonstrate its new Helm Master® with Setpoint control system in superb marine environment to best showcase this amazing technology.
Overall, the Miami International Boat Show® generated great sales success for both the Marine and Watercraft Groups of YMUS, and much anticipation for great success for the season ahead!

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Continue below to the special interviews by a Revs+ Team member from YMC.

Experiencing Thriving Marine Market in the US

We talked on site with YMUS outboard motor and boat executive about
current market trends and YMUS products.

A Revs+ Team Member (YMC)


Enhanced Customer Confidence Through Quality Marine Products

The State of Florida is home to many of major boat builders in the US, and is an important marine market. The Miami International Boat Show, held here every year, is significant since it offers a perfect opportunity for customers and business partners to come along and see and try out our products. It is also serving as a good opportunity for our sales and service staff to have direct communication with the customers and business partners. Many boat builders are exhibiting at the Miami International Boat Show. About 50% have our outboard motors mounted on their boats, and our outboard motors are winning great support in the US market. I believe one major reason is that we have been able to win our customers’ confidence for many years by providing good products with good service. And I believe that one of our great strengths is the fact that the Yamaha Marine Team is able to bring developers, manufacturers and sales people together as one formidable entity, delivering high quality marine products to everyone from beginners to the most demanding customers.

Ben Speciale

Marine Group Company


Marine Products for Every Generation

The center of attention at this year’s show is a 21 foot fishing boat equipped with twin engines. We also feature an enriched lineup of “sport boats”, which were announced and well received at a dealer meeting last August. We proposed the lineup as a boat that uses jet propulsion, the same as WV (water vehicles). It is attracting attention now as a completely new category. One of those is the “242X”, a model that leverages the latest technology to meet the demands of the new trend of enjoying wakesurfing (literally, surfing in the wake of a boat on lakes, etc.). Going forward, we plan to offer product packages that are finely tuned to a range of sports and pastimes, such as towing (being towed by boat or water vehicles) and cruising and the like.
Based on reliability that anyone can enjoy, we will be working to deliver a full range of products that can match the lifestyle needs of every generation, from younger marine beginners to elder, more experienced users, and even those who want to enjoy water sports with their grandchildren.

Dean Burnett

WaterCraft Group Company