Teamwork and challenging spirit at heart

Satoshi Hirose Deputy Chief General Manager of Manufacturing Center and Senior General Manager of Engine Manufacturing Section

I think that the formidable nature of our casting sector is obvious in their challenging spirit. They tackle new materials, complicated shapes, etc., with a positive approach and sometimes venture to challenge something even if an expert of casting technology questions its feasibility. I believe it was the power of teamwork that has made it possible to fabricate and carry out mass production by the determined deadline even when handling a difficult issue. It was a sense of unity of the manufacturing technology, production technology, material technology, and development sectors and production site.

We spread our casting bases globally. The production bases overseas can provide parts of secure and stable quality because of the presence of the Iwata Manufacturing Division that has accumulated know-how as a mother plant with casting, which is a difficult process, carried out inside. The Iwata Manufacturing Division has a casting training hall “Casting College” to improve skills with strict instructions and training.

New possibility opened by field sales

One of the reasons we work on field sales is that we wish to make contributions to the world using our technologies and skills. It is also an expression of our impulse for exploration for further improvement of technologies. Until now, we have made many challenges, however, I think we will make a new discovery and the range and power of our technologies will further increase if trade with industries other than transportation equipment is started.

Unlike machining in which the status can be checked visually, we cannot see what is happening in the mold in casting. We have made analysis by using sensors, etc., however, we have also been utilizing advanced science in recent years. In cooperation with IBM, we accumulate various data for each shot, and by using so called big data, we are taking measures against quality defects and have achieved a positive effect.

In addition, we perform verification and checking with the latest 3D analysis tool before manufacturing the mold. However, there is still much room to improve the level, which makes me feel that casting is profound and challenging. We will continuously try to improve the level with self-esteem as a sector that produces major parts of our products.

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