Analyzing the strong points of Yamaha’s casting

Here we explain how the strong points of our casting have been cultivated and
introduce products for which our casting technology is applied.

Interview Takuo Saitou Production Promotion Department, Iwata 1st Manufacturing Division

Diverse applications

Parts for motorcycles for which light weight and high quality as well as beauty as exterior parts are required. Parts for marine products that show high reliability and durability under the severe condition of soaking in salt water. Parts for automobile engines that go through significant evolution and for which complicated shapes must be realized. By flexibly working on our diverse product portfolio, the casting sector has improved its technological competence and readiness.

We carry out production by using equipment and manufacturing methods that can handle a variety of parts, from a small casting machine to a large-sized machine that executes casting at once at high pressure and from high-pressure die-casting to low-pressure die-casting as well as gravity die-casting.

Focusing on molding

The engine and wheels, etc., that compose a motorcycle are at once functional parts and appearance parts. Our achievements that meet required high quality where beauty is also required in addition to functions back up evaluations such as “Yamaha of high quality” and “Yamaha of excellent design.”

Unique advanced development

We have developed many epoch-making casting technologies such as “Controlled Filling Die- Casting”, a production technology for mass production of aluminum die-cast parts where both “thinness and large size” are achieved, and “DiASil cylinder”, the world’s first all-aluminum die-cast cylinder. Another example is a magnesium die-cast wheel that significantly contributed to reduction of weight of “YZF-R1.” Many technologies created in unique advanced development of our casting sector have helped to extend the range of product development.

Plant developing human resources

Our casting bases have spread all over the world, especially in ASEAN countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam to carry out global production. To realize the high “Yamaha quality” of the same level at any base, Iwata Manufacturing Division accepts trainees from overseas bases and sends staff overseas to pass on know-how.

We have also positively participated in “World Foundry Congress” and “Automotive Engineering Exposition”, contributing to improve the technological level of the entire industry.

Efforts for end-to-end streamlined production

Previously, the casting site with more than ten processes from melting of metal to become products and completion of processing was operated with a manufacturing lead time of more than one month and a great amount of intermediate inventory. On the contrary to this practice we had for a long time since our foundation, we are now working on end-to-end streamlined production to realize a manufacturing lead time of five days from melting to completion of processing without stopping products halfway, aiming at flexible operations to meet customers’ requests immediately.