Feature of the Month

Introducing New Faces at Yamaha Jubilo

3 fresh members joined this year who will forge the future of Yamaha Jubilo.

Hironori Yatomi

Born November 9, 1995, Kyoto.
Plays center (CTB), wing (WTB) and full-back (FB). Height 181 cm, weight 90 kg.
High School Japan team candidate, Japan Sevens team, Japan U20 team, Sendai Ikueai Gakuen High School then Teikyo University.

As a back, Yatomi contributed to Teikyo University’s 9 consecutive university championship victories. He is noted for his dexterity, which he can put to use in multiple positions, such as CTB, WTB and FB. His impressive sidestep reminds us of that of his older brother, former Japan team and Sunwolves player Yuki Yatomi. The Yatomi brothers dream of appearing on the field together, just like the Nishiuchi brothers. Since the nickname “Yattsu” is already used by his older brother, he is now asking to be called “Hiro”.

Kanta Shikao

Born September 6, 1995, Fukuoka.
Plays center (CTB), height 177 cm, weight 90 kg.
Rugby High School Japan team, Jr. Japan, 2 caps for Japan team, Higashi Fukuoka High School then Tokai University.

An anticipated new player ; already been capped twice playing CTB for Japan. In his first year at Tokai University, he played in official games and became a regular by his second year. In his third and fourth years at university he was selected for Kanto University Rugby Football Union’s best 15. In addition to his hard tackling style, he has strong communication skills during play, and his breadth of play is further increased in international matches.
Current Japan Head Coach Jamie Joseph has praised his exceptional talent, calling him “the best tackler out of the various categories of players that I’ve seen in Japan.”

Atomu Shirai

Born November 1, 1995, Kanagawa.
Plays center (CTB), height 172 cm, weight 92 kg
Toin Gakuen Senior High School, then Chuo University

Somewhat on the short side at just 172 cm tall, this CTB is nevertheless solidly built with strong legs. Much is expected of his strong defense and ability to penetrate. At Chuo University, he served as vice-captain and has the qualities of leadership. Fellow Toin Gakuen graduate Masatoshi Miyazawa also plays at Yamaha in the same position, and Shirai is eager to play in regular matches from his first year.
His first name “Atomu” is the Japanese name of the animation character Astro Boy. His parents named him, hoping that he would be strong and robust just like Astro Boy.