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Hearing from Jubilo’s Head Coach & Captain about Yamaha Jubilo

The Yamaha Style of Play,
the Yamaha Style of Support

Head Coach Katsuyuki Kiyomiya

Final Game Provided Valuable Experience for the Future

In order to win in the semi-finals of the All-Japan Championship despite the absence of our key players, we have developed a daring style different from that of our Top League tournaments; however, unable to produce our usual power, we were defeated. But I believe the beauty of Yamaha’s team is superior set play, keeping strong hold of the ball, and gaining the upper hand with a good kick.

In the third-place playoff, which turned out to be our last game, we won a victory by exhibiting the unique style of Yamaha. We feel that what we did all the right efforts and believe this helped create a connection to our future.

Yamaha Style, On and Off the Pitch

Next season will be a year of competition. The whole team has been rejuvenated and the competition to become a regular player has grown fiercer this season.

Our center Hiroto Kobayashi in particular shone this season. Relatively unknown in his college years, this diminutive player became a regular by the end of the season. We want to train players like him and help the team to grow next season.

Starting this season, fans have lined up early to form a “Flower Road” to high-five and welcome players to Yamaha Stadium. We are grateful to all the fans who came an hour and a half early, and are highly motivated by the start of this style of support, unique to Yamaha. 

The Yamaha Stadium’s Flower Road, a concept put in play this season that was dreamed up by our players to help us connect to our valuable fan base.

Self-Confidence Gained and
a New Challenge to Be Met

Captain Kyosuke Horie

A Season Which Benefits Our Future

As the captain, I feel both a sense of relief and regret at the end of this season. We had more instructive losses than wins, and we must put what we have learned to field in the next season. We faced many challenges as a team this season. We had a lot of young players for whom this season was their Top League debut and I believe they gained a lot of confidence. Although it is unfortunate that we couldn’t show our full strength against Suntory Sungoliath in the All-Japan Championship Semi-Finals, it made us go back to basics as a result and in our final game we came together as a team and restored our pride.

As Captain and Forward

As captain and as one of the point men on the pitch, I’ve come to realize that what’s most important is to put yourself on the line. During a game, however, there isn’t much time to talk to all the players together. I really realized how difficult it is to ensure that everyone’s on the same page in that short period of time.

On a personal level, this season I gained confidence by realizing how important it is not to give way when you go one-on-one. Through repeated attacks, I can create chaos in the opponent’s defense, giving my teammates a chance to break through that gap and get a try. I think that’s one aspect of Yamaha Style, and I’ll endeavor to be even tougher.

As we showed in our final game, once we complete a full 80 minutes, no team can beat us, and this gave everyone on the team a lot of confidence. Our team has reflected on this season, and we will go on to conquer the Top League in the coming season. Thanks again for your continued support this season.