The Yamaha Jubilo Rugby Report

Unsuccessful Set Plays
Lead Jubilo to
Its 2nd Loss of the Season

Round 6 : Jubilo (YAMAHA) vs Kobelco (Kobe Steel) @ Ecopa Stadium 09/30/2017 [HOME GAME]

Round 6 Report

Jubilo played a match with Kobe Kobelco Steelers – an unbeaten team this season in the Japan Rugby Top League – at Ecopa Stadium in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Kobelco’s kick-off opened Round 6. At 21 minutes of the first half, Kobelco broke the deadlock and made a run along the touch-line, followed by the first successful try and conversion. Yamaha fought back as Yuki Yatomi made a 50-meter run from Yamaha’s own area of the pitch along the touch-line. Yamaha formed a scrum and tied the score at 7, thanks to Kyosuke Horie’s try – another one in 4 consecutive rounds - and Ayumu Goromaru’s successful conversion. But Kobelco came back to take the lead with two successful tries in a row, ending the first half at 7-21.

Yamaha kicked off the second half. Despite better plays with scrum and maul, Yamaha was unable to stop Kobelco. The Kobelco Steelers made their forth try, extending its lead over Yamaha to 7-28.

Then, a Lock, Yuya Odo broke the oppressive mood. At 8 minutes of the second half, Odo took off from the center of the ruck and made a 30-meter run for a successful try. Goromaru made the conversion, making the score 14-28. In the 26th minute, Viliami Tahitua pushed open an opportunity for Chikara Ito to dive into the right corner for a try. Yamaha had narrowed the score to 19-28.

But Kobelco made a successful try with 10 minutes remaining, and Yamaha was unable to stop Kobelco and allowed another try in the last play. The union ended with a 19-38 score -- the second loss of the season for Yamaha.

During the post-union press conference, Head Coach Katsuyuki Kiyomiya expressed his strong determination to win the next round and said, “Yamaha loses when the team doesn’t have good execution of its set plays. It’s clear what the team needs to do to improve, so I would like to learn from these lessons for upcoming rounds. In this union, we were able to try out new formations, and that was a good learning experience. I hope the fans keep an eye on how Jubilo players improve their play”.


1 PR Koki Yamamoto
2 HO Takeshi Hino
3 PR Heiichiro Ito
4 LO Yuya Odo
5 LO Duke Krishnan
6 FL Uwe Helu
7 FL Kazuki Yamaji
8 NO.8 Kyosuke Horie
9 SH Yuki Yatomi
10 SO Matt McGahan
11 WTB Male Sa'u
12 CTB Viliami Tahitua
13 CTB Masatoshi Miyazawa
14 WTB Chikara Ito
15 FB Ayumu Goromaru
16 HO Keita Kato
17 PR Yuji Ueki
18 PR Kenta Otsuka
19 FL Mose Tuiali'i
20 FL Hayato Nishiuchi
21 SH Shinya Ikemachi
22 SO Tatsuhiko Otao
23 WTB Shinji Nakazono