The Yamaha Jubilo Rugby Report

League Series Resumed, and Jubilo Yamaha Suffers 3rd Loss of Season, without Showing Its Strength.

Round 10 : Jubilo (YAMAHA) vs Toshiba Brave Lupus (Toshiba) @ Yanmar Stadium (Osaka) 12/03/2017 [AWAY GAME]

Round 10 Report

After the league series was interrupted for about one month, Jubilo Yamaha met Toshiba Brave Lupus in Osaka for their Round 10.

It was Yamaha that took its chance at first. Yamaha pushed forward, forming a maul after a line-out, and Yuki Yatomi made a try at 5 minutes after the kick-off. Ayumu Goromaru made a successful conversion, scoring first to make the score 7-0. Having momentum with the opening goal, Yamaha continued the game in Toshiba's territory. However, Yamaha was suppressed in a scrum, one of its strengths, and was left behind by Toshiba BK's attack, allowing a try at 27 minutes. Yamaha allowed another try at 33 minutes, turning the game around at 7-14, and the first half was over.

The second half of the game resumed with a kick-off by Yamaha. Toshiba pushed into the space on the left after a scrum, and made a try at 3 minutes. With a successful conversion, Toshiba went ahead 7-21.

To strengthen its offense, Yamaha let Takeshi Hino, Yuji Ueki, and Johan Bardoul, with this being his top league debut, come into the game. Yamaha pushed forward after a line-out at 10 minutes, and finally, Hino made a try to right-center in-goal, fighting back to 12-21.

Flanker Yuhimaru Mimura, who recovered from serious injury and debuted into the top league this season, made a try at 25 minutes, closing to within 5 points at 19-24.

Adversely, Toshiba made a successful PG due to a foul by Yamaha, increasing the lead to 8 points at 19-27. With another 10 minutes remaining, Goromaru made a successful PG at 37 minutes due to a foul by Toshiba, narrowing the gap to 5 points at 22-27.

With another 3 minutes remaining, Yamaha made a fierce attack from its own territory, but it was blocked by Toshiba's powerful defense, suffering its 3rd loss of the season.


1 PR Koki Yamamoto
2 HO Keita Kato
3 PR Heiichiro Ito
4 LO Yuya Odo
5 LO Duke Krishnan
6 FL Mose Tuiali'i
7 FL Mimura Yuhimaru
8 NO.8 Kyosuke Horie
9 SH Yuki Yatomi
10 SO Tatsuhiko Otao
11 WTB Shota Tanaka
12 CTB Viliami Tahitua
13 CTB Male Sa'u
14 WTB Chikara Ito
15 FB Ayumu Goromaru
16 HO Takeshi Hino
17 PR Yuji Ueki
18 PR Ryo Yamamura
19 FL Johan Bardoul
20 FL Keisuke Yagisita
21 SH Yuki Kagoshima
22 SO Hiroaki Ishizuka
23 WTB Masatoshi Miyazawa