The Yamaha Jubilo Rugby Report

Season’s Opening Game
Greeted by Heavy Rain
2 Tries in the Second Half
Bring Yamaha a Comeback Victory

Round 1 : Jubilo (YAMAHA) vs Verblitz (TOYOTA) @ Toyota Stadium 08/18/2017 [Away Game]

Round 1 Report

The heavy rain started right before kick-off as 27,871 people, a record number of spectators for the Top League, showed up to see the first union of the season at Toyota Stadium.

Immediately after kick-off, Yamaha took advantage of Toyota’s fouls and made an aggressive play in front of Toyota’s goal area. But heavy rain obstructed vision and the pitch was flooded with rain water, stopping Yamaha from scoring. Keeping the ball from a line-out only minutes away from the end of the first half, Toyota’s imposing forwards joined a maul and advanced for a try. The first half ended with the score at 0-5 in Toyota’s favor.

Rain stopped for the second half, and the puddles on the pitch drained away. Yamaha got their groove back as the second half opened. At 7 minutes of the second half, Yamaha picked up the ball from a high punt, which lead to a cross play by Mose Tuiali’i and Chikara Ito and a try in the center by Ito. Ayumu Goromaru made a conversion - the first goal since his return to Yamaha - making it a 7-5 score with Yamaha in the lead.

At 14 minutes into the second half, Toyota made a penalty goal, leaving Yamaha one point behind. But Yamaha forwards scrummaged and pressured Toyota, regaining the lead in the game. Yamaha’s play forced a foul by Toyota, leading to a line-out. At 22 minutes, Yamaha kept up its aggressive attacks resulting in a Gerhard van den Heever center goal try. The conversion was a success, putting Yamaha ahead of Toyota at 14-8.

Although Toyota then made a penalty goal, Yamaha made repeated tackles during the last play. Then, as a Toyota player dropped the ball, Goromaru kicked it out toward the back stand as the referee blew his whistle signaling the end of the game. Yamaha had won its opening game for the 8th consecutive season.


1 PR Koki Yamamoto
2 HO Takeshi Hino
3 PR Heiichiro Ito
4 LO Yuya Odo
5 LO Duke Krishnan
6 FL Mose Tuiali'i
7 FL Kazuki Yamaji
8 NO.8 Kyosuke Horie
9 SH Yuki Yatomi
10 SO Tatsuhiko Otao
11 WTB Gerhard van den Heever
12 CTB Male Sa'u
13 CTB Masatoshi Miyazawa
14 WTB Chikara Ito
15 FB Ayumu Goromaru
16 HO Shogo Naka
17 PR Satoshi Nakatani
18 PR Ryo Yamamura
19 LO Keisuke Yagishita
20 FL Hayato Nishiuchi
21 SH Yuki Kagoshima
22 SO Sho Kiyohara
23 UTB Matt McGahan