Yamaha Receives “Corporate Hero” Award from the American Red Cross for Generator Donation

May 3, 2018 | YMUS

In ceremonies held May 3rd, Yamaha Motor Corp, U.S.A. was presented a “Corporate Hero Award” from the Orange County California Chapter of the American Red Cross. The award was given for recent donation of nearly 400 generators to aid in disaster relief efforts in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Accepting the Corporate Hero award from the American Red Cross on behalf of all Yamaha employees was Kim Ruiz, Senior Vice President of The Commercial Sales and Solutions Group, who noted “Yamaha and its many employees have proudly supported the American Red Cross for well over 30 years with blood drives at our numerous locations. This donation of generators was a natural extension for us and we are so pleased we were able to help in this worthy cause!”

G. Keith Alvey, Division Disaster Executive of the American Red Cross said, “Early on, right after we received the generators we received a call from a family who was in crisis. They have a small child with cancer who had been released from the hospital. The child needed breathing treatments which required electricity. Unfortunately, the child was already having problems due to this lack of treatment and with the hospitals overwhelmed due to the storm, there was nowhere to go. We were able to provide the generator and the child was able to stay at home and receive the treatment needed to treat the cancer and respiratory problems that it brought on. The storm has brought many challenges and much suffering to Puerto Rico that the gift of generators has allowed us to alleviate. This is one story of many, but all are just as touching.”

Added Jana Priest, Development Officer of the American Red Cross, “We are so grateful for our partnership with Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. They support our mission in many ways by volunteering, giving dollars and donated goods, and by donating life-saving blood. Their support is valued and appreciated!”

Bob Starr, Yamaha Motor U.S.A. (YMUS)