New Model YZ 65 Has 2 Consecutive Victories from Debut Match!

April 2, 2018 | YMENV

A dream has started to the season for the Grizzly Yamaha Junior Team with Damien Knuiman claiming a maiden win for the team and the all-new YZ65 in the big-wheel 65cc class. At the opening round of the ONK Dutch Championship, talented young teammates Charlie van Nieuwland and Jayson van Drunen were also all smiles with their 5th and 12th place performances.

The opening round kicked off at the sandy circuit of Oldebroek, in the Netherlands on Monday 2nd April. Knuiman, onboard a stock big-wheel YZ65, was a show-stopper as he went bar-to-bar with the typically faster 85cc riders for an impressive 1-1 victory and an emphatic round win for Yamaha's first officially supported 65cc team, the Grizzly Yamaha Junior Team.

The natural progression of talented young riders is to go from a PW50cc, to a Small-Wheel 65cc, Big-Wheel 65cc, Small-Wheel 85cc, Big-Wheel 85cc and then up to the 125cc, and from there the wheel sizing remains the same.

The Grizzly Yamaha Junior Team's incredible start to the season has established how competitive and technologically advanced the all-new YZ65 is. Not only does the bike look the part with its YZ450F inspired cosmetics, but it is also the perfect machine for young riders to win races.

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James McCombe, Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. (YMENV)