The Millennial Rev
- 2018 Yamaha Motorshow

March 23-25 | YMPH

This year’s edition of the Yamaha Motor Show, Yamaha prided itself on bringing machines to life with innovative technology and a passionate human touch added to it. An artificial intelligence program called A.V.A. (Autonomous Visual Avatar) was a digital guide for guests in the exhibit; a showcase of Yamaha’s futuristic theme.

The exhibition presented the Yamaha MOTOROiD, the most futuristic concept motorcycle ever. The Big Bikes and the MAX Series were also lined alongside.

‘We are Mio’, Yamaha’s newest campaign, took place as well. It is a concept created to represent the youthful vibe and being unstoppable with the Mio.The ambassadors for the product are called “Miollennials”, consisting of popular Filipino artists, Nadine Lustre, BoybandPH, Drew Arellano, and Matteo Guidicelli. Each of them represents a Mio motorcycle that matches their characters and lifestyles.Nadine and BoybandPH members visited the exhibition booth and gave an unforgettable performance. During their appearance, their message was clear, "Continue to be passionate, be fearless, and be unstoppable", which is the core concept of the campaign.

After 3 days of the Bike Fest, Yamaha showed its presence in the World of Philippine Motorcycling , inspiring in every way, often imitated, but never duplicated.

The Millennial Rev, Own the Future with Yamaha.

Mark Ericson C. Acle, Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH)