5th Global Marketing in Sales Meeting (GMSM)

March 19-22, 2018|YMC

Global Marketing in Sales Meeting, or GMSM - a global meeting to discuss sales and post-sales activities - took place over 4 days in March 2018. The objective was to share successful case studies and expand best practices amongst fellow affiliates. With some first-time participants, this year’s meeting was attended by a record number of participants, with 34 participants from 15 countries.

In the meeting, affiliates gave presentations of 13 successful cases on MC, CS, RV, and Marine selected in last year’s Regional Marketing in Sales Meeting, or RMSM. Various efforts were also introduced by participating countries in horizontally applying lessons from successful cases and its progress.  The “Teach & Learn” session was added to the agenda this year, wherein participants shared challenges they were facing as well as lessons they learned from past mistakes. Participants commented that the meeting gave them many ideas for their future marketing activities.

To make GMSM a better place of learning, we will share the wide spectrum of Yamaha’s knowledge in addition to successful cases, further promote the horizontal application of best practices, and increase competitiveness in the global market through more successes. We hope to see the unique style of Yamaha Marketing evolving further by these efforts.

Akitomo Kawai, Marketing Planning Division, Motorcycle Business Operations (YMC)