1st South America Monozukuri Meeting Held in Argentina!

March 20-22, 2018|YMARG

12 manufacturing supervisors, manufacturing engineers, and quality engineers from INCOLMOTOS, YMDA, YMARG, and YMC gathered at the South America Monozukuri* Meeting to discuss Monozukuri-related issues faced by affiliates.

The main topic was chronic quality issues observed in YMARG. Participants discussed the issues based on the Three Reals Philosophy “Sangen Shugi” (the actual place, the actual part, the actual situation) as well as the 5 Whys in 4M (man, machine, method, material).

Driven by a fresh look at the issues and receiving input from our colleagues in neighboring countries, YMARG found ideas and hints for tackling chronic issues which YMARG had not been able to solve by itself. As the 1st South America Monozukuri Meeting closed with a big success, the topic of the next meeting was decided on: Issues Facing YMDA.

*Monozukuri = engineering, manufacturing, and marketing

Iwao Umebayashi, Yamaha Motor Argentina (YMARG)