Scooter for Fashion-conscious Women
New CUXI Debuts!

February 23, 2018|YMT

YMT announced the release of renewed fashion scooter to members of media.

This is the fourth generation of the CUXI, which has been very popular with the fashion-conscious young women in Taiwan. This new model is more fashionable than ever, with a fresh look that says “cute, chic, and unique”. The product concept is “Sexy Cute”.

To deliver the design concept of the new CUXI, Ms. Ivy Shao, a popular Taiwanese actress, was chosen as the product ambassador. Ms. Shao embodied “Sexy Cute” as the product appeared on stage in front of the media for the first time. Through her stage performance at the event, Ms. Shao and her exchange with the event’s MC, Ms. Anna Lee, expressed a stylish rendition of the new model.

The new CUXI will go on sale on February 26. The model is sure to capture the hearts of young female riders and help to increase Yamaha fans in this demographic.

Lin Chuyin, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)