Over a thousand Taiwan Dealers Visit Yamaha Head Office in Japan

January 19 and 20, 2018 | YMT

With sales of 300,000 units achieved last year, Yamaha dealers in Taiwan are on a high. In January, looking toward a new fiscal year, the main and sub dealers of 4 sales companies held annual conferences followed by evening receptions in cities in Japan. Of these people, 1,108 dealers from 2 sales companies (North and Taichung Areas) visited YMC’s headquarters as part of a study tour.

They spent January 19 and 20 visiting the main plant, Communication Plaza, and Yamaha Stadium. They said with pleasure: "I’ve been selling Yamaha for nearly 30 years and this is the first time I have visited the HQ, so this is a valuable experience." "It’s really interesting learning Yamaha’s history, culture, and technology hands-on and with my own eyes. I am really impressed."

The visit, realized with the cooperation of many parties such as YMC headquarters’ main plant and divisions, was highly appreciated by the dealers who joined the tour. It proved very effective in raising their motivation even more to tackle this year's goal. A big thanks to all the people who gave their support!

Lin Chuyin, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)