Conference for Establishing ISO Standards
on E-Bikes Hosted at the Home of Yamaha

January 29-February 2, 2018|YMC

A 5-day conference sponsored by the Japan Bicycle Technical Center was held in Hamamatsu and Iwata through January 29 and February 2. The conference aimed to establish an ISO standard for electrically power assisted cycles, or EPACs.

This event was a part of a project led by Japan to unify common elements of various standards implemented by different countries and regions. The EPAC market is regarded as growing in Japan, Europe, and the US. About 50 conference participants from 10 countries, including Japan, attended the conference and freely exchanged opinions on power-assisted bikes during the conference.

A special event supported by Yamaha was also held on January 31 at Communication Plaza. The event offered an opportunity to the conference participants from overseas to test-ride powered bikes in Japan, as well as tour Yamaha’s motorcycle factory and Communication Plaza. The event also highlighted Yamaha’s position as an industry pioneer as we mark our 25th anniversary of the PAS market launch.

Hiroki Ozawa, Smart Power Vehicle Business Unit (YMC)