Asian Safety Riding Committee Meets

January 22-26, 2018 | YMC

The 11th meeting of the Asian Safety Riding Committee was held in Thailand from January 22-26. Aimed at developing safe driving instructors, the meeting was attended by 14 development riders from various bases and sponsored and managed by the Asian Safety Riding Committee, Yamaha Motor Asian Center (YMAC).

Participants from 9 basis attended the meeting; YMAC (Thailand), TYM (Thailand), HLYR (Malaysia), HLYM (Malaysia), YMRID (Indonesia), YIMM (Indonesia), YMVN (Vietnam), YMRI (India), and IYM (India).All of them took a qualification renewal examination, and 2 took an examination for promotion to instructor. They all passed the renewal exam and one of the two was promoted to instructor.

The training also included a session for improving leadership skills and a session on first aid that riders should give in the event of an emergency. The meeting ended successfully.

Toru Mikami, PF Vehicle Development Center (YMC)