Yamaha Garage Returns to the Los Angeles
Auto Show

December 1-10, 2017 | YMUS

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA (YMUS) and Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) have partnered for the second straight year to bring together the most comprehensive and diverse display of Yamaha motorsports and music products for the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, December 1-10 in downtown Los Angeles.

The “One Yamaha” display in “The Yamaha Garage” presented a diverse collection of Yamaha manufactured products – from motorized vehicles including Side-by-Side vehicles, motorcycles, watercraft, Outboard engines, snowmobiles, electric-assist powered bicycles, concept dirt track race cars, unmanned helicopters, golf cars and more, to a vast range of music and professional audio equipment. Visitors to The Yamaha Garage witnessed the wide range of products in unique and interactive displays that allowed gear, gadget, motorsports and music enthusiasts to touch and feel the products. Also, visitors enjoyed conversations with Yamaha employees and product experts about the various models on display. Last year’s One Yamaha display unveiled at the show illustrated to the world just how diverse and varied Yamaha products had become.

“Yamaha is truly one of a kind in its expansive product line and passion that reaches to every lifestyle and age,” said Bob Starr, YMUS corporate communications manager. “We are excited to bring so many Yamaha product segments together under one roof at the Los Angeles Auto Show. For our second year, we continue to communicate the company’s commitment to manufacturing the most robust and varied line of powersports, mobility, music and audio products that’s ever been assembled under a single brand.” “Yamaha Garage is the best way to experience the Yamaha Motor products and a Live Garage Band,” said David Jewell, YCA Marketing Communications Manager. “Also, if anyone has ever had a desire to try and play a guitar or piano, this show is where they can do it. We expect to create many new music makers and motor enthusiasts.”

Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.A. (YMUS)