Providing Safe Water to People around the World

December 13, 2017 |YMC

The Overseas Market Development Operation Business Unit installed a compact clean water supply system in the village of Avinowe, Lokossa, in the southwestern part of the Republic of Benin in western Africa. The project was funded by the Japanese government’s grant for grassroots projects. A ceremony celebrating its delivery was held on December 13, 2017. Mr. Kiyofumi Konishi, Japanese Ambassador to Benin, and other honorary guests attended.

The only water source for the villagers and local residents is the Mono River which runs nearby, and its water was used for drinking and cooking without any treatment. As a result, residents, especially children, suffer constantly from ailments caused by contaminated water.

To improve the situation, the Japanese government donated this water purification system through a local NGO. The system comes with a solar power generator and is environmentally friendly since its slow sand filtration system uses no coagulant or filters (which need to be replaced continuously). Residents can easily operate and maintain the system. The system will provide access to safe drinking water for about 1,600 villagers of Avinowe and neighboring communities.

Masashi Kanemaru, Clean Water Project Group, Overseas Market Development Operation Business Unit (YMC)