Great Success at the “Feel the Exciting YAMAHA” Event in Myanmar

December 9–10, 2017|YMC

An event titled “Feel the Exciting YAMAHA” recently took place in Mandalay, Myanmar. The purpose of this comprehensive event was to improve the presence of the Yamaha brand. The event featured a bike trial show by a Yamaha rider, Kenichi Kuroyama, and a rock concert. The Vietnam-made model “JANUS” was also introduced at the event, along with motorcycle safety workshops organized by Safety Riding Promotion Group of YMC, test ride sessions, and exhibits of various models.

The bike trial show - the very first one performed by a Japanese rider in Mandalay – got special attention. Over 20,000 visitors attended the 2-day event.

China-made motorcycles have dominated sales in Myanmar, but the market is now showing a shift toward Japanese brands. This year, Yamaha sold about 2,000 bikes in Myanmar, a threefold increase over last year’s sales. The annual demand for motorcycles is also increasing to a 1.2 million-unit level.

We will continue to promote sales through a combination of events like “Feel the Exciting Yamaha”, in addition to our day-to-day sales activities.

Yukio Fukada, Southeast & East Asia Sales Division (YMC)