Indonesian Delegates Invited by METI Visit Yamaha

December 6, 2017|YMC

As part of an outreach effort by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in the area of Asian export, the Indonesian government sent a group of delegates to Japan. In total, 25 guests – including 18 officials from the Indonesian Ministry of Commerce and Customs, an interpreter, and Japanese officials from METI and Foreign Ministry – visited Yamaha on December 6th to learn how Japanese corporations execute export control.

ASEAN countries are currently developing security laws and regulations to counter illegal cross-border procurement involved in aiding terrorist activities and nuclear development. Authorities in charge of security in Japan, the United States, and Europe are supporting their efforts.

In his greeting, Mr. Junzo Saitoh, Senior Executive Officer and Chief General Manger of Human Resources & General Affairs Center, emphasized the importance of Yamaha’s relationship with Indonesia. He said that YMC had been involved in the manufacture, sales, and promotion of motorcycles in Indonesia for many years and that YMC considered compliance to be its top corporate priority. Then, Mr. Nobuyuki Moriyama, Group Leader of Security Trade Control Group, gave a presentation on how Yamaha was executing security and export controls.

The delegates then went on a plant tour to observe Yamaha’s approach to Monozukuri and a tour of Communication Plaza to learn about the diversity of Yamaha products. As host of the visit, we hope and believe that the delegates gained an understanding of the importance of export control.

Yoshino Shikuma, Logistics & Security Trade Division (YMC)