Incolmotos Yamaha Holds New FZ25
Promotional Event December 2017

December 2017 | Incolmotos

The new FZ25 was launched in Colombia in December 2017, and since then it has been attracting attention of distributors, employees, and customers. Under the concept of “It’s your moment”, Incolmotos Yamaha has been encouraging customers to embrace opportunities to become part of the Yamaha family with the FZ.

Incolmotos Yamaha held special lunch and dinner activities for the dealers in Medellín, Bogotá, Pereira, and Bucaramanga in order to familiarize themselves to the new model. Under the concept of “Food and Friends”, the intimate gathering was filled with comfort foods, good music and Yamaha lovers.
This event was held throughout December 2017 and 145 members were invited from various clubs such as “Club FZ of Medellín”, “Club Yamaha SZ” of Bucaramanga and Cali’s “Club Hermandad Motera”.

The new FZ25 is a motorcycle characterized by its impressive design and extraordinary riding sensation. Pilots enjoy a Kando by riding experience with adrenaline, precision, and dynamics that are true to the FZ saga.

Customers were able to pre-order the FZ25 in mid-December online. This made it possible to get the first 1,200 new FZs sold out during the pre-order period. These FZs will be delivered to the customers in February and March.

The first FZ25 has started to go out on streets, giving positive impressions to customers and media. They are re-recognizing the quality of Yamaha’s products.

Leonardo Gómez Otero, Incolmotos Yamaha