YMT Receives “Sport/Fitness Corporate Certification”

November 1, 2017|YMT

In recognition as a company proactive in CSR and other activities in the area of sport and fitness, Yamaha Motor Taiwan received the 2017 Sport/Fitness Corporate Certification. YMT was the only automotive-related company to be certified this year.

The “Sport/Fitness Corporate Certification” is a program launched in 2016 by the Sports Department of the Taiwan Government Ministry of Education, and the certification is given to corporations which have made an impact on sport promotion in local regions and those which are proactively engaging in activities to promote the health and wellbeing of employees.

YMT engages in CSR activities as a corporate policy. Special efforts are made in the area of promotion of youth’s wellbeing through soccer events for elementary school students. These activities include soccer workshops hosted in various regions and YMT sponsors YAMAHA CUP youth soccer championship as well. In addition, YMT supports the healthy and active lifestyles of Group companies’ employees through activities like regular seminars in health-related topics, hiking events, sport club activities, weight-loss programs, and employee sports day.

We believe that supporting employees’ wellbeing raises productivity and elevates Yamaha’s brand value. Building upon this belief as the foundation, YMT will continue efforts to protect employees’ wellbeing as one of the greatest assets and to provide an even healthier and livelier workplace.

Kuai Naichang, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)