“Salão Duas Rodas 2017” Motorcycle Show in São Paulo

November 13–19, 2017|YMDB

The largest motorcycle show in Brazil “Salão Duas Rodas 2017” was held in São Paulo. It is held once every 2 years. This year, YMDB exhibited its mid-size motorcycles (250-320cc). The key model for the On/Off category “FAZER250” (model change), and “CROSSER150” (added variations; to be released in January 2018) were also presented.

In addition to product models on display, the Yamaha booth featured a riding simulator and a photo service connected to SNS. Thanks to the intriging experience-based booth unlike any other, many of the estimated 240,000 visitors stopped by the booth, leaving a strong impression of the Yamaha brand on Brazilian riders. A high number of views and sharing through SNS (2.3 million views) added to our promotional efforts.

Yamaha Motor do Brasil (YMDB)