Meeting for Marine Dealerships in China Held in Atlanta, U.S.A.

November 20–21, 2017 | YMCN

YMCN held a meeting targeting the marine dealerships in its Chinese territory. This time the meeting took place in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States and 25 key dealerships for China’s marine business were invited.

The meeting covered topics such as Yamaha’s history, market penetration of the brand, and the important role that both the Marine Business and the Chinese market play reemphasized. The 2017 business review and the 2018 sales policies were also presented in the meeting. This was a part of the efforts to ensure that the sales force had fully understood the business policies aiming for expansion of the Marine Business next year.

With cooperation of YMMC and YJBM, the meeting participants went on a tour of a water vehicle plant and a sport boat plant. It was the first time for many of these dealership representatives to visit a Yamaha production site. The visitors felt Yamaha’s passion toward Monozukuri through the plant tours and interactions with the local manufacturing staff. This experience is sure to have elevated their level of understanding and trust in Yamaha products.

The participants also had an opportunity to ride a sport boat at YJBM. Enjoying the boat ride just as their customers would, some participants appeared to have been hit by ideas for their business in China.

The dealership meeting helped the attendees gain a better understanding of Yamaha’s sales policy and how Yamaha products were made. The dealerships’ increased understanding is certain to help expand the Marine Business and increase the presence of Yamaha in the Chinese marine market in coming years.

Yamaha Motor China (YMCN)