The first shop for motorcycles and recreational vehicles opens in Saudi Arabia

November 23, 2017|YMC

Yamaha Motor restarted sales of motorcycles and recreational vehicles in Saudi Arabia and celebrated the opening of its first shop on November 23, 2017. The event included a traditional Arabic sword dance performance in front of the illuminated shop, and a tape-cutting ceremony attended by Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Faisal, President of the Saudi Federation of Car and Motorcycle Sport.

Over 200 customers, including those who arrived on a total of over 50 bikes and rider teams, came to the event. The site bustled with excitement as people asked about the vehicles on display and chatted with the staff in and around the new shop.

Saudi Arabia has a population of 32 million, and is the second largest supplier of crude oil. Numerous development projects are underway and the Middle Eastern country has a promising future. In the past we supplied a total of six thousand Yamaha police bikes to the country, but services and spare parts were suspended after the contract with the former distributor ended four years ago.

This time Yamaha Motor signed an agreement with a distributor of Yamaha marine products to open the first motorcycle and recreational vehicle shop. We are confident that problems caused by the lack of services in the past four years and other issues will be sorted out, and more bikes and RVs will be delivered.

Daisuke Yamada, Dubai Representative Office, Overseas Market Development Operation Business Unit (YMC)