IM Business Unit Hosts Southeast Asia Service Meeting

November 14, 2017 | YMC

IM Business has expanded on a global scale, just as other Yamaha Motor’s business has; IM Business Unit relies greatly on overseas distributors for sales and services.

Service engineers from IM Business Unit distributors in Southeast Asia and India were invited to a 3-day service meeting at TYM in Thailand, where IM Business Unit shared information on the latest service information and machine functions.

In preparation for the meeting, IM Business Unit members in Japan had web meetings with TYM and YPMV (Vietnam) to discuss and finalize the agenda and contents. On the day of the meeting, the national members of YPMV supported the event as core members.

This event included a motorcycle test ride session in order to familiarize participants with the broader business of Yamaha Motor Corporation, in addition to IM Business Unit products. Many engineers said, after the meeting, that they would leverage the knowledge gained in the event in their customer support activities.

Through activities such as this meeting, CS Group in IM Business Unit will always give the highest priority to its agents in the field and continue its efforts to realize services which our customers truly seek.

Ken Isozaki, IM Business Unit (YMC)