The 3rd Global CAE Meeting

November 7–8, 2017 | YMC

The 3rd Global CAE Meeting was held at Communication Plaza in Yamaha headquarters on November 7th and 8th.

The global meeting, hosted by Digital Engineering Division, is held every 2 years. The meeting is joined not only by the CAE Team members from YMC headquarters, but also by those from overseas affiliates — such as Taiwan, Italy, China, Thailand, and Indonesia – to discuss how Computer Aided Engineering, or CAE, is used in simulations as well as case studies and the challenges of CAE.

The participants from overseas affiliates reported that CAE helped them to design local products effectively during their product development phases. While they recognized the increasing importance of CAE, they also reported that they were facing challenges in training their workforce.

The participants from headquarters shared information about the latest CAE technologies and the upcoming trend in CAE infrastructure. The overseas participants listened attentively to absorb the information.

Lively discussions were held on other topics as well. The meeting concluded by confirming all participants’ commitment to effective application of CAE technologies in Global Yamaha.

Yuta Kurata, Digital Engineering Division (YMC)