YMC Holds the 2nd Asia Regional Legal Meeting

November 2–3, 2017 | YMC

YMC hosted the 2nd Asia Regional Legal Meeting on November 2nd and 3rd.

The two-day meeting was joined by 15 legal team members from 7 affiliates in 5 countries – Thailand, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Participants had discussions about legal issues the affiliates are facing. Common issues shared by all participants, such as antitrust laws, contract management, disputes with distributors, and counterfeit goods, drew particularly active discussions. When the Legal & Intellectual Property Division explained our “VISION & VALUES” - a concept of what the division should be -, overseas participants resonated with the concept, agreeing that all legal teams of Yamaha Group companies around the globe should strive to achieve it.

This meeting was a valuable opportunity for the Legal & Intellectual Property Division to build a stronger collaboration with the legal departments in overseas affiliates. Legal Group will continue to work toward the establishment of a global legal network.

Shingo Kasai, Legal & Intellectual Property Division (YMC)