3rd Marine YTA Silver Class Training Course Held in Indonesia

November 6, 2017|YDS

PT Karaya Bahari Abadi (KBA) – a marine dealership in Indonesia – hosted the 3rd Marine YTA Silver Class training course in Weh Island, Aceh Province.

9 people from various parts of Indonesia participated the 4-day course which included lectures about boats as well as hands-on exercises. All participants were certified upon completion of the course. The number of YTA Silver Certification holders in Indonesia has reached a total of 23.

In order to serve customers scattered throughout the vast geographical area of the Indonesian market, KBA has been injecting notable efforts to consolidate the 3S network and improving the skill levels of its service technicians.

Highly skilled technicians are key to providing the best service available throughout Indonesia, and this is what elevates the value and reliability of Yamaha products.

Note: Craft was moored in these photos.

Haruhiko Hashimoto, Yamaha Motor Distribution Singapore (YDS)