Taiwan Begins Shipment of SMAX-ABS: Yamaha’s First Scooter with ABS!

October 24, 2017|YMT

On October 3, YMT announced the release of the SMAX-ABS – the first Yamaha scooter model with ABS – in Taiwan. Shipments of the model began on October 24.

The main target of SMAX-ABS is male users in their 30’s who place importance in both riding performance and comfort. The model with the ultimate in safety features also has a very sophisticated style. The model drew the attention of Yamaha fans as soon as the model release was announced and has been much talked about on the internet.

Mr. Horikoshi, General Manager of Southeast & East Asia Sales Division, MC 1st Business Unit, traveled from YMC to join the shipment commencement ceremony held in Hsinchu Plant. In the ceremony, Mr. Takeda, President of YMT, and all management members prayed for the success of SMAX-ABS, where the model’s excellence would be communicated to users and bring more new Yamaha fans.

To demonstrate the model’s features and designs to Yamaha fans, distributors will have a display corner exclusively for this model. A 24-hour test drive is also offered to customers in YSP shops throughout Taiwan. We expect that a great number of SMAX–ABS models will be seen in the streets of Taiwan!

Hsieh Changchi & Cho Chienming, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)